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(One Mistake Leads to More Mistakes (5)

“Honey, I really don’t feel like eating…” Huo Mian’s throat was covered with blisters. Even swallowing her own saliva hurt so eating would be unbearable.

“If you don’t eat, I can feed it to you…” Qin Chu threatened.

“Uh… No… Everyone’s looking…” Huo Mian blushed.

She was never the type to publicly display affection so how could she let Qin Chu feed her.

“Look at them. They can display their love for each other anytime, anywhere. You should learn from Mr. Qin,” Zhu Lingling said and lightly shoved Gao Ran.

“If I was that good with girls, then I wouldn’t have pursued you in the first place; I would have gone for Huo Mian…” Gao Ran joked.

“Huh? You’re even talking back to me. If you’re so good, you can go for it now,” Zhu Lingling chided.

“Okay, okay. Honey, let’s not argue. I’m starving. Can you hurry up and show me what goodies you made?”

Gao Ran opened his bento box and started gorging the food down. Zhu Lingling’s cooking was actually just average. What she made was just simple homey food but maybe because everyone was starving, it tasted very delicious.

Only Huo Mian and Qin Chu ate very little. Qin Chu had gotten Huo Mian to eat a bit and he finished off what she had leftover. Then, he quickly went over to the control room to track down Zhang Manlin.

After lunch, when Huo Mian came back from the washroom, Gao Ran said, “Mian, someone outside wants to see you.”


“Huo Yanyan,” Gao Ran whispered.

“Oh, it’s her. Just in time. I wanted to talk to her too. Let her in,” Huo Mian said in a serious tone.

Gao Ran brought Huo Yanyan to a small interrogation room where Huo Mian was already waiting.

“Mian…” Huo Yanyan said in a weak voice.

“Sit,” Huo Mian said calmly.

After Gao Ran left the room, he ordered the two officers outside, “Watch what’s happening inside closely. If anything happens, rush in. Don’t let Huo Mian be in any sort of danger.”

“Yes, Sir.”

With the director’s order, the two police officers closely monitored the room.

Zhu Lingling was going to go home as she had completed her task of bringing food over. Gao Ran walked her out to the door.

“Is Boyuan’s mood still bad?” Gao Ran asked.

“How dare you ask? It’s all because of you!” Zhu Lingling glared.

Gao Ran scratched his head nervously. “How would I know he had such a fragile heart…”

“Bullsh*t. If you lost your wife, wouldn’t you be nervous?” Zhu Lingling shouted.

“How old is our son though? How old is Little Bean even? Isn’t it too farfetched?” Gao Ran knew that kids nowadays were precocious but Little Bean and his son were still too young.

“We didn’t understand anything when we were young. We could eat anything. Kids nowadays though consume all sorts of nutrition and vitamins. They eat very well so it’s not strange that they are smarter. Maybe you should go to Boyuan’s daycare and see if the other kids are stupid. Of course, the twins are much smarter. That’s only normal since their parents are so smart. It’s all in the genes.”

“Okay, okay. Safe drive home. Can you coax our son when you get back? Tell him Little Bean is going to be back very soon.”

“I told him that already but he doesn’t believe me. He’s by the television all day watching the news…”

“Uh… Okay. Just take care of each other. After I solve this, I’ll take three days’ vacation and we can go somewhere.”

“Really? Promise?” Zhu Lingling flung her hands around Gao Ran’s neck with passion.


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