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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (10)

“Chu… What happened to you?” Gao Ran moved quickly and helped support Qin Chu.

Su Yu didn’t attend to Qin Chu, and instead passed by him and chased after the other two.

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan held him tightly and wouldn’t let go.

“Let me go! I want to save Mian…” Su Yu yelled as he cried.

“Su Yu, don’t go. There are land mines buried everywhere. You’ll be blown up into the sky. We have to get someone to disable the mines first…”

“Let me go, you two, damn it…”

Su Yu didn’t care about the landmines… he was prepared to chase them over the side of the cliff.

Fortunately, when Tang Chuan and Wei Liao had nearly exhausted all of their strength, public security reinforcements came up behind them with a mine-clearing expert squad.

They quickly cleaned up all the mines on the scene…

At this point, Su Yu and the others rushed over…

After looking down, everyone was silent…

Especially Su Yu, whose eyes were filled with pain and despair.

Below there was a large abyss…

It was the roaring black sea waves…

The sea at night was like a beast, whistling in the ocean breeze.

If a plane crashed into it, it would be sucked tens of meters into the waves afterward, let alone two living people.

Once a wave hits, all would disappear without a trace…

In the face of nature, mankind was always so insignificant.

Huo Siqian was holding onto Huo Mian. Since they were two bodies of human flesh, and they jumped down, there was basically no chance of survival.

It would be like dropping a needle into the sea…

In other words, even if you were lucky, it would be several days later before you were scooped out.

By then, the body would probably begin to rot already, who would hope for survival.

“Is Huo Mian… dead too?” Su Yu kneeled down on the cliff, looking down at the ocean waves and asking absently.

“Su Yu… don’t be like this.” Seeing Su Yu look so dumbstruck, Wei Liao’s heart ached for him.

“Well? Is she dead or what?” Su Yu’s voice trembled. He was afraid, he was in fear and was very anxious.

“Su Yu… We are all torn apart by this,” Tang Chuan said with difficulty, trying not to let himself cry.

“Torn apart… How can Huo Mian be dead? She is a genius… and so capable, how could she die? You’re lying to me… you’re lying to me…” Su Yu was acting like he was crazy.

It seemed like he wanted to go even more forward. It looked like he was going to fall.

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan ran over. One person grabbed him, on the other pulled back firmly on his shoulders.

At this point, Tang Chuan suddenly thought about Qin Chu.

Thus, he swiftly turned around,

“Gao Ran, where did Qin Chu go?”

“He fainted.” At this moment, Gao Ran’s mood was very low.

Huo Mian was being held by Huo Siqian at the moment he jumped.

Qin Chu’s pupils grew incredibly large. This scene, and its impact on him, was quite simply devastating and almost detrimental.

It all happened in less than ten seconds.

Qin Chu spat out a mouthful of blood and then crashed down to the ground.

Gao Ran was scared and quickly rushed over to help him up, and then went to the ambulance behind him to ask for first aid.

“My God, what should I do? What should we do?” Tang Chuan hugged his head and squatted on the floor, crying as if he was lost too.

Wei Liao had been holding onto Su Yu firmly, trying to keep him from getting overly excited.

Gao Ran was flustered and his hands were shaking.

Holding his cell phone, he shuddered then entered a few words and sent it to Lingling.

“Huo Mian is dead.”

Only four words.

Zhu Lingling called him back right away.

Gao Ran had just picked up, and she began her tongue-lashing.

“Damn cop, don’t talk crap about Mian. You’re really asking for it… do you want to sleep on the floor tonight?”

“Lingling, Huo Mian is dead,” Gao Ran said solemnly.

“Get lost, you’re the one that’s dead. Don’t tell these kinds of jokes, it’s bad luck. Did you lose some kind of bet, so you’re calling to trick me?” Zhu Lingling obviously did not believe him.

“Lingling, I’m not lying to you…” Gao Ran explained again, tears blurring his eyes, and his voice choked with sobs.



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  1. I don't believe you guys
    Huo Mian can't be dead

    That's one of Huo Siqian's tricks


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