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(Su Yu was Hopeless Too (9)

At this moment, Huo Mian couldn’t say anything; squatting down, she wanted to vomit but couldn’t get anything out. She looked pained.

Then Huo Siqian’s cellphone rang.


“Boss, they are here.”


“Do you want us to ambush them?”

“No, of course not. I have a good drama to stage.” Huo Siqian smiled smugly.

“Then we’ll wait for your order.”

“Yeah. Proceed as planned.”

Huo Siqian ended the call and looked at Huo Mian meaningfully.

“Mian, people are here to attend our wedding. Are you happy?”

Turning back slowly, Huo Mian didn’t know what he meant.

“We’ll have lots of people to watch our grand wedding on the cliff. You must look your best in a bit.”

Huo Mian remained silent.

She would never guess what psychotic things Huo Siqian would do.

In fact, the cutting had scared her.

If not for her pregnancy, Huo Mian would have wanted to fight it out with him.

It wasn’t like her to be manipulated like this.

“Are you done vomiting? If you are, we’ll go on with the next step.” Standing behind Huo Mian, he seemed to be holding something.

Before she could react, Huo Siqian pulled her up and clicked something around her hands.

When she realized what it was, she saw it was a pair of small handcuffs; they were miniature but very solid.

With her hands locked by the handcuffs, Huo Mian couldn’t move.

She struggled with all her strength but found the handcuffs tightened even more and hurt her wrists.

“Don’t waste your time on struggling. Be a good girl.” Huo Siqian draped the coat around her shoulders again.

Then he took out a bouquet of fresh flowers and put it on her handcuffed hands.

It looked as if Huo Mian was holding a bouquet with him.

“What music do you like? The Wedding March or the Chinese song Today I’ll marry you?” Huo Siqian leaned to her and asked.

“I’d rather die than marry you.”

“Oh, don’t talk about death on our great day. I don’t like it.”

“Huo Siqian, don’t you find yourself childish?” Huo Mian thought all the things he did were meaningless.

“No. I think today means a lot to me. I planned for years just for today. Ha… Be cheerful, Baby, this is our wedding.”

When Huo Mian remained silent, he asked again, “Since you like neither of them, let’s use Mariage D’amour, although it sounds a little blue.”

He turned on the sound system with the Bluetooth of his cellphone and Richard Clayderman’s Mariage D’amour floated from the two mini audio boxes beside the arch door.

The sad melody seemed to dance on the cliff with the dark night…

Huo Mian suddenly wanted to weep.

She hadn’t had a wedding with Qin Chu, but when she put on a wedding gown for the first time of her life, she had to stand with Huo Siqian and perform a so-called cliff wedding. What an irony it was.

At this moment, the sound of car engines came closer.

“Look! Here they are…” Huo Siqian pointed at the mountain path.

Five ORVs raced up followed by a long line of police cars.

Stopping the car, Qin Chu jumped out of it immediately; seeing Huo Mian stand on the cliff, he relaxed a bit.

“Honey…” Instantly, Huo Mian couldn’t control her tears as the feeling of surprise and elation immediately overwhelmed her.

Yes, her husband was here… to rescue her.



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