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(Su Yu was Hopeless Too (4)

“Yeah, I think so,” suppressing the joy, Qin Chu nodded and answered.

“Fu*k! Great! Our effort wasn’t wasted.” Tang Chuan slammed his hand on the steering wheel to show his delight.

Then he put on the earphones and called Qin Ning to tell her the good news.

“I told you Ah-Cheng wouldn’t lie to us. It seems we finally got something.” Wei Liao also laughed.

Since each car had a walkie-talkie and they were not far from one another, everyone could hear each other’s comments.

Hearing the news, everyone was happy and expressed their joy.

Only Su Yu was silent.

“Su Yu, are you still breathing?” Tang Chuan asked with a laugh.

“Get out. It’s you who’s dead,” Su Yu retorted.

“Come on and say something. We are happy that we’ll find her soon. I’m sure sister-in-law is terrified,” Tang Chuan said with a smile.

“I was wondering…” Su Yu paused.

“Wondering what? Come on and spill it… Mr. Su, how come you talk like a girl now?” Tang Chuan was puzzled.

However, Qin Chu was waiting to hear Su Yu’s opinion; after all, the latter was quite smart.

“I was thinking we got the information a bit too easily; don’t you think it might be a trap?” Su Yu said.

“Su Yu, what do you mean? Are you implying that Huo Siqian gave us the fake information and sent us in the wrong direction?” Wei Liao’s heart sank upon hearing this.

“It’s hard to say. I have a feeling that we got it too easily. I don’t think Huo Siqian is that careless,” Su Yu said.

“Su Yu, I’m sure you’re worrying about nothing. Huo Siqian is indeed good, but he isn’t a god. We don’t have to overestimate him and underestimate ourselves.” Hearing Su Yu’s words, Gao Ran was not pleased.

After all, it took him great efforts to find a clue on the map; if it was faked, then all their efforts would be in vain.

“I’m not underestimating us. I only meant we must be prepared for anything. It will be great if Huo Mian is here; but what if she isn’t? We must think ahead,” Su Yu said.

Qin Chu had been silent, and now he spoke, “Su Yu’s right. Let’s hurry to the mountain and check it out. No matter if Mian is on the mountain top or not, we can’t waste time.”

It was rare that Qin Chu and Su Yu agreed with each other.

The others certainly had no objections.

On the mountain top, Huo Mian had changed into the wedding gown; opening the door of the car, she walked out reluctantly.

When he saw her, Huo Siqian’s eyes were riveted on her.

More accurately, he was stunned.

He had imagined how Huo Mian would look when she put on this wedding dress but seeing it still stunned him.

“You…” He didn’t know what to say.

Due to her sleep in the process of her kidnap, Huo Mian had a clean and clear complexion; although she didn’t have exquisite make-up on her face, she looked more natural that way.

With hair falling down her shoulders, she walked out of the car dressed in the pure-white wedding gown.

Huo Siqian was so touched that he almost shed tears when he saw her.

Finally, he got to see his beloved woman put on the wedding gown for him.

“I did what you told me,” Huo Mian said resentfully.

“Mian, do you find this wedding gown familiar?” Huo Siqian smiled.

Looking down at the gown, Huo Mian studied it carefully and found it indeed looked familiar.



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