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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead 16)

“Yes. I remember during that time, my brother hurt his leg due to the fall from the aircraft. He was in a terrible mood. When he was recuperating, he would only smile when he saw Mian’s photo. He missed her so dearly but suppressed his desire to go back to see her. He was badly wounded so he was scared he would drag Mian down with him. During those days, he operated in the dark and was in contact with some mysterious people. I wasn’t sure what went on either… I just felt that my brother would have his reasons to do what he did, so I didn’t ask.” Qin Ning recalled those days when they were both back in the States.

“Where are his medical records now? Were there any strange things that he did? Is this a mental illness?” Zhu Lingling asked out of curiosity.

“No, my brother acted like his old self. The only difference was insomnia. The worst case was when he couldn’t sleep for five full days.”

“Oh my God!” Zhu Lingling gasped with her hands on her mouth.

Gao Ran opened his eyes widely as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Qin Chu had never mentioned to him what had happened in the States.

“Five full days? How does that feel? Wouldn’t he be tired to death?” Tang Chuan gave out a long sigh. He felt sadness and helplessness.

Qin Ning recalled the pain her brother had to endure. She said with tears, “Yes, it was hard for him. It might just be how he is but he puts all the pressure on himself. He could do anything for Mian without a word of complaint. His action says it all… During those days, his eyes were all bright red. People need to sleep. We contacted the most famous doctors in the States. There were psychologists, psychiatrists, and specialists that dealt with sleep but nothing worked… A doctor said that if his condition persisted, he would die… His heart wouldn’t be able to handle no sleep for a prolonged period. Without sleep, he might get a heart attack. In order to come back and see Mian, my brother started developing his own medicine.”

“Developing his own medicine. He sure is an incredible person…” Su Yu respected Qin Chu very much right now.

Qin Chu was a man of action even though he looked arrogant.

He would never complain about or even bring up the pain he had to endure.

After returning, he gave Huo Mian a warm hug. He spoke nothing of the four years he had to endure.

Even the multiple leg surgeries that were incredibly painful to go through, Qin Chu had only briefly mentioned it.

Su Yu respected such a man… such a capable and prideful man.

“Developing medicine isn’t a simple task. At first, he only knew the basics. He would often get poisoned from testing out the newly-developed medicines himself. The damaged organs that the doctor just mentioned were probably from back then. Finally, he found a compound that could soothe his pain but not cure it… It was just suppressing the illness on a surface level. He said it was suppressing the stimulation of the brain, which would help him sleep. Only then did he slowly get better. However, he’s been taking that medicine religiously all these years, even until now… Sis-in-Law doesn’t know about this as well…”

“Would his medicine have a negative influence on Mian’s child?” Su Yu suddenly realized this big problem.



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