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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (7)

Qin Chu raised his head and looked at Gao Ran. He said slowly, “There’s no other way. I can’t be led around by Huo Siqian, and let him bully Mian.”

Indeed, when Huo Mian was being mistreated, Qin Chu was the one under the most stress.

Of course, his expression never changed, and he didn’t speak.

This was unlike Su Yu and Tang Chuan, who showed their anger on their faces.

But his heart was more tormented than anyone else.

There were such people in the world. They were cool, calm and collected by nature.

But in the end, people are not gods. It is impossible to have a life without obstacles. It was impossible to do everything.

Therefore, when Qin Chu encountered setbacks, he appeared calm and collected, but in fact, his heart was already troubled.

“Have you figured it out?” Gao Ran asked.

“Kind of.”

He didn’t need to put on airs with Gao Ran, so Qin Chu could only say that the odds were half-half.

In this case, it was really hard to say that he could surely save Huo Mian, but Qin Chu would definitely use two hundred percent of his effort.

Because Huo Mian was even more important than himself in his eyes…

Not long ago, when attending a senior CEO training class, the spiritual teacher Enya came up with a topic for these bosses.

Each person was given a small blackboard, and they wrote the names of the people they thought were important.

They had to write about five or six names.

On his blackboard, Qin Chu wrote in turn – Huo Mian, Pudding, Little Bean, his parents, Second Uncle and Qin Ning, then Gao Ran and Rick.

Friends, family, and lovers were all included among these people.

After writing, the instructor said that they were to imagine they had boarded a hot air balloon while traveling. Suddenly, the hot air balloon broke, and they needed to drop some weight to ensure the safety of the others. At this time, they had to eliminate a person.

In other words, you had to give up on that person in exchange for the safety of others.

When everyone heard this, they became silent. It was a very cruel topic.

But it was also a compulsory question. Many people silently picked up the chalk and started to cross out names.

Yes, most people chose to cross out someone in the circle of friends, because friends seemed to be less important than their loved ones.

Qin Chu picked up his chalk and looked hesitatingly at Gao Ran’s name before crossing out a name.

Immediately after, the instructor said to continue… and cross out two more.

After a few times, most people’s chalkboards only had two names left.

One child and the parents.

A child and the wife.

On Qin Chu’s chalkboard, there was Huo Mian, Pudding and Little Bean.

He could have imagined the situation too. In his eyes, his children and his wife had indeed surpassed his parents.

This did not mean that he was not filial, nor did it mean that his parents were not important, but that he just loved his wife and daughter more.

At this time, the worst topic came up…

The instructor said that for the last time, the bosses finally had to select one of the two remaining people, and abandon the other one.

Everyone was up in arms…

Some people even threw away their chalk and yelled, “What kind of game is this? I’m not playing anymore, it’s depressing.”

Yes, Qin Chu’s mood was extremely low.

Although it was just a word game when he crossed out the names of his friends and parents, two uncles, and Qin Ning one by one, it felt like he had really abandoned them.

So when the instructor asked them to choose again, many people broke down.

Only Qin Chu thought for about five seconds, then picked up his chalk.

He slowly crossed out Pudding and Little Bean’s names…

The only name left was Huo Mian’s. At this point, his face was covered in tears.

But he knew that in this world, no matter what, the person he loved the most was Huo Mian.

“Chu, when are you planning to make your move?” Gao Ran asked, pulling Qin Chu out of his reverie.



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