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(Su Yu was Hopeless Too (1)

After Huo Mian heard that, she immediately understood what Huo Siqian meant…

It looked like he was serious this time.

“My husband would never forgive you for bringing me here.”

“Qin Chu? I’ve never been afraid of him,” Huo Siqian sneered.

“Huo Siqian, are you having fun forcing people like this? You can’t force things, don’t you understand?”

“I don’t care, as long as it happens, I am happy,” Huo Siqian proudly replied.

Huo Mian was speechless…

After hearing that answer, all the hairs on Huo Mian’s arms stood up.

“Ha, I was joking and you believed it… You look so cute when you’re mad.”

Huo Siqian didn’t like looking at Huo Mian’s calm face.

He liked seeing an expressive Huo Mian, even if her expressions were of anger.

Only then did he feel like he mattered to Huo Mian, as opposed to being ignored entirely.

“Come, my little sister Mian, let us get changed first.”

After speaking, Huo Siqian pulled out a white wedding dress from the trunk and put it on the back seat.

“Go on, change.”

“No way,” Huo Mian refused.

“Then, I’ll change it for you. I’m not taking advantage of you…” Huo Siqian approached her with a smile on his face.

“Don’t come near me.” Huo Mian moved back from fear.

She was wearing a nightgown when she got kidnapped, so now she was in a pretty awkward situation.

It wasn’t very exposed, but it was still very cold this late at night when you were wearing a nightgown outside…

“So are you going to change or am I going to have to help you?” Huo Siqian pushed closer.

“Huo Siqian, don’t touch me… If you come near me, I’ll jump.”

Huo Mian pointed to the cliff behind her…

She didn’t know how tall it was, but if she jumped, there was no chance of survival.

The ocean was beneath them, a single wave could push her out fifty meters.

“You wouldn’t.” Huo Siqian smiled.

“I would, don’t push me… I’m not scared of death.” Huo Mian was furious.

“I know you’re not afraid of death, but you’re afraid that you’ll never see your husband and daughters again… Think about your cute twins calling you mommy… How could you make them lose their mother?”

Huo Siqian was an expert at psychological warfare.

Huo Mian’s weaknesses were her husband and children.

Especially the twins, once she thought about them sweetly calling her mommy, her heart couldn’t help but soften.

“So, Mian, don’t go against me. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“You already hurt me, bastard…” Huo Mian cursed Huo Siqian with tears in her eyes.

“No, trust me, I care about you hurting more than anyone in the world… Whoever hurts you will die… Song Yishi, Mo Xue’er, Zhang Manlin, Huo Yanyan…” Huo Siqian sounded extremely serious.

“You’re wrong, all the suffering they caused me can’t even compare to one-tenth of the suffering you caused me… Huo Siqian, don’t you understand? You’re the one who hurt me the most. You always try to hurt my relationship with Qin Chu, you try to break apart our family, you separated him from me for four years while I was pregnant… These are all your doing. As the person who hurt me the most, shouldn’t you just die right here and right now?” Huo Mian vilely cursed.

After Huo Siqian heard that, he was visibly taken aback… He didn’t think that Huo Mian would think this way.




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