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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (5)

“No, I just think… Ian has been following us. If we go back to China, not only will we not have time to save your sister Mian, but we might cause more trouble.”

“Then what do I do? I can’t just sit back and do nothing.”‘

“No, I just think that first, if Mian’s husband can’t handle things on his own, maybe he won’t need our help. Second, we are now very far away. Even if we take the fastest plane back, it will take seven or eight hours. Maybe after seven or eight hours… the situation will already be like this now?” Qiao Fei analyzed the situation.

Lu Yan said nothing.

In fact, Lu Yan was not one to act on foolhardy courage, but she became anxious when she was worried about her sister.

“If you think what I’m saying doesn’t make sense… I will go back with you.”

Seeing Lu Yan had still not spoken, Qiao Fei added this.

“Boss… there is an update on the battle,”at this time, one of her subordinate mercenaries rushed in and said hurriedly.

“Tell me.” Lu Yan stared at the man.

“We have just detected more than a dozen armored vehicles heading in our direction, and there are three unmanned bombers… we have to leave here at once.”

“Holy crap, they just won’t go away.” Lu Yan was extremely annoyed.

“Retreat, everyone will retreat into the bomb shelter…”

Taking advantage of the war in foreign countries, Ian’s terrorist organization colluded with local anti-government militants.

Then, they were using some large-scale weapons of war to force Lu Yan to submit.

This time, Lu Yan and Qiao Fei had been away for half a month already.

They were simply exhausted…

But the good news was that the Qiao Family couldn’t interfere.

Whether it was Qiao Nan or Qiao Fei’s father that wanted to drag him back, they had no way of getting in touch with him.

The war was not as simple as fighting and killing. A bomb would drop down and kill or hurt many people in one go.

With this type of death in view, Lu Yan seemed to become braver as the war progressed, and even to the point of being a little excited.

Qiao Fei also remembered that a long time ago, his father and Professor Lu, who was the father of Lu Yan, had a conversation.

Qiao Fei’s father said at the time, “Lu Yan is a girl after all. If she spends her life like this, it’s not good. Why not have her change her identity and start a new life?”

Professor Lu’s answer at the time was: “Every life has its purpose. Lu Yan will adapt to this lifestyle. On the contrary, a boring life will wear away at her character. Don’t underestimate her because she’s in her early twenties. She’s already an experienced soldier who’s climbed out of an actual pile of dead bodies… So, Lu Yan’s life is destined to be spent in battle.”NovelFull

This is also the reason why Qiao Fei’s father said that he did not want him to marry Lu Yan.

On the one hand, he was worried that Ian would cause trouble, and on the other hand, who would want a warrior daughter-in-law?

Even if you were a gangster, you would just be making munitions, doing arms sales, and seeking out wealth.

Lu Yan, on the other hand, was a real human killing machine.

When Qiao Fei was young, he once saw Lu Yan and asked, “Since you’ve killed so many people, are you afraid of going to hell after death?”

At that time, he remembered Lu Yan’s answer very clearly.

She smiled disdainfully. “Am I not in hell right now?”

Those were the words of a teenager.

At the time, Qiao Fei was stunned, but he was also very moved.

At the same time, he was thinking, he really wanted to use his life to protect Lu Yan, and not let her get hurt.

The word ‘cherish’ was already not enough to express this feeling.

“Be careful!”

He awoke from his reverie, and Qiao Fei pressed on Lu Yan’s head with one hand. The two of them clung to each other while rolling into a ditch on the other side.

Then the place where they had just been squatting was attacked by shells and engulfed in flames.

“You were distracted just now, this is not like you.” Qiao Fei looked tenderly at Lu Yan.



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