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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (6)

“Qiao Fei… just now…” Lu Yan had a strange expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just had an especially bad premonition…”

“What kind of premonition?”

“It felt like something just stabbed me in the heart…”

“You’re fine, don’t think too much about it.”

“Qiao Fei… do you think my sister might be in trouble?”

As Lu Yan said this, her hand unconsciously reached out and grabbed Qiao Fei’s wrist firmly.

Her eyes were also filled with panic, something that Qiao Fei was seeing for the first time.

Lu Yan rarely had this expression on her face. Even when faced with death, she never showed fear.

“No, don’t think too much… Sister-in-Law Mian will be fine.”

“If something happens to my sister because I don’t go back and I can’t get to her in time, I will hate myself. She’s my sister after all. She and my dad are the only two family members I have left on this Earth…”

Lu Yan was very scared.

Ever since a few years ago, when something happened to her mother Lin Ya, she had become more and more scared.

Afterward, when she moved away from her father and often didn’t see him for up to a year, she became a lot more calm.

If her father was by her side, he would actually be a distraction to her in battles. Her instinct would be to take care of him.

So, she decided to not be a liability for her dad, and he would be a worry for her.

These past few years, both of them had been living safely and happily.

It was all until she found her elder sister…

Afterward, everything changed.

Looking at her sister, her twin, Lu Yan felt a sense of happiness well up in her heart.

It kept bursting forth, and that feeling was amazing. This kind of affection was unique since blood was thicker than water.

“Believe me, nothing will go wrong. Sister Mian is a genius…” Qiao Fei reached out and squeezed her shoulder.

Amid the crossfire, the two of them were thinking about how to keep their lives.

Qiao Fei also wanted to comfort the panicked Lu Yan.

– Turkish Reactionary Government Headquarters –

After Ian and the reactionary commander had their meeting, they walked out.

Wearing a dark green military coat, he was clearly the head of a terrorist organization yet chose to dress like a hero.

Indeed, he was the kind of person that didn’t operate according to common sense.

“Has the deadline we gave Huo expired? Have they found the person I’m looking for?” Ian asked.

“Boss… it seems as though something has happened over there,” the person next to him said cautiously.

“‘Seems’? Oh no, I don’t like it when you use words like that with me.” Ian’s face darkened.

“Boss, the situation isn’t too good…”

“Tell me about it, how is it not good…” Under the protection of his men, Ian got into a bulletproof off-road vehicle.

“Boss… have a cigar first.”

One of his subordinates cautiously passed a Cuban cigar over to Ian.

“Call Huo, I want to talk with him,” Ian commanded as he smoked the cigar.

“Boss, we are unable to reach Mr. Huo.”

“Unable to reach? What does that mean?” Ian’s gaze was icy.

“There seems to have been an incident back in China… Mr. Huo’s cell phone can’t be reached, and we can’t find any of the people who are responsible for getting in contact with us.”NovelFull

“So, is this kid betraying me now?” Ian’s eyes bore what looked like a smile, but with a strange look.

“We don’t know the specifics, but there is no way to contact them now… so I don’t know what has happened.”

“Very well… this has truly exceeded my expectations.” Ian narrowed his eyes and looked at the smoke outside the window. Then he laughed.

But the sound of his voice was very eerie…

– At the Peak of Yuewang Mountain –

Gao Ran took a thin rope and quietly placed it in the hands of Qin Chu.

“Chu, is this really okay?” Gao Ran still had some concerns.

Qin Chu did not speak and silently took the rope from behind. He wanted to save Mian, and it seemed like there was no other way……



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