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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (17)

“Probably not… My brother used our great Chinese traditional medicine as his basis for creating his medicine. He was afraid that the medicine he took would influence the baby… When Mian got pregnant, he looked very happy so it probably meant that it was fine… I thought a new member would come into the family and they could live happily ever after again… Who would have thought…” Qin Ning started to cry unstoppably again.

To be honest, she could not accept the fact that Huo Mian was dead in such a short period of time.

When everyone heard about Qin Chu’s secret, they further sank into shock.

Huo Mian was dead; Qin Chu was in a coma.

A beautiful family had now been torn apart…

The elders and the children didn’t know about this yet. They were still waiting for Qin Chu and Huo Mian to return home.

“Yu, what should we do now?” Tang Chuan was lost and he didn’t know what to do.

“I’ll think of something. I’ll contact the experts in Jing City and see if they know what to do. We can’t just sit here and do nothing. We can’t let Qin Chu just be in a coma. The chance of finding Mian would only be higher if he’s awake,” Su Yu said.

Tang Chuan nodded. He went over and embraced Qin Ning by the shoulders.

“Ning-Ning, don’t worry. Yu knows a lot of people. He can even the experts that are dedicated to treating government leaders and the army to help. Qin Chu will be alright.”

Qin Ning leaned on Tang Chuan’s shoulder and cried, but nodded.

“You guys should go back for now. There’s no use just sitting here. There will be someone taking care of him around the clock,” Su Yu said to Tang Chuang, Qin Ning, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling.

“Okay. Notify us as soon as there are any updates. I’m going to head back to work and follow up with Huo Mian’s search,” Gao Ran said.


After they left, Su Yu’s phone rang before he went in to check on Qin Chu.

“Hello, President Su. I am President Qin’s assistant, Yang.”


“It’s like this. I can’t reach President Qin. Do you know where he is?”

“Did something urgent happen at work? If there is, you can tell me. I’ll deal with it for him,” Su Yu asserted.

“It’s not that. It’s that President Qin told me to call you if I couldn’t get in touch with him.”

“What else did he say?”

“He said that if I couldn’t reach him, I should tell you something. Did something happen to President Qin?” Yang was not a stupid person. When Qin Chu ordered him to do that, he knew Qin Chu was probably going to be gone to do something very dangerous.

“Qin Chu… he is indeed in some trouble…”

Su Yu knew Yang was a trustworthy person so there was no need for him to keep this a secret from him.

“Oh, I see…” Yang sighed.

“What message did he want you to relay to me?”

Su Yu looked at the man that lied in bed with an oxygen mask on through the glass windows of the ICU.

He no longer saw the dazzling aura around the handsome man that would amaze everyone…

Instead, he saw a man that lied quietly there… He was in deep sleep.

Even though they were rivals in love… Even though his chance with Huo Mian would be higher with Qin Chu dead…

Seeing him like this today, Su Yu still felt really depressed.

Instead, he felt as if his good friend was in a life-threatening situation…

“President Qin told me that he was going to do something very dangerous. He told me to tell you right away if he didn’t return…” Yang started sobbing.

Su Yu didn’t interrupt. Instead, he quietly listened… Was this Qin Chu’s will?



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