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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (11)

“Gao Ran, this joke isn’t funny… just stop it, okay?” Zhu Lingling’s voice was full of fear.

Gao Ran did not speak. He stayed silent, and then came a low sob…

“Sweetheart, please don’t scare me…”

“Huo Mian was kidnapped by Huo Siqian, and we chased them to the side of the cliff… and then… Huo Siqian jumped off with Huo Mian…”

Zhu Lingling’s cell phone fell to the ground with a thud…

This time, she finally believed that her husband wasn’t joking.

Something really did go wrong…

Gao Ran explained everything that happened, but it was all so sudden. Zhu Lingling really had a difficult time accepting it.

Something happened to Huo Mian, and everyone was extremely sad…

But no one was sadder than Qin Chu and Su Yu.

Su Yu was okay because he was still able to cry, yell and curse.

At that very moment, Qin Chu completed broke down too…

He directly spat blood and fainted, and no one even knew what would happen to him.

After everyone came back, Su Yu immediately contacted the rescue team, then went down to the bottom of the Yuewang Mountain to look for the bodies…

In the area by the sea, the search and rescue mission began, and there was still a hint of hope.

“Su Yu… I’ll be blunt. At this time, trying to recover the bodies is actually useless. The waves are big, and even the fishing boats aren’t able to go near them. Huo Mian’s body is so fragile, how could it withstand the crashing ocean waves? Finding somebody would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, let alone finding them alive, maybe… even finding a body would be a long shot.” Wei Liao knew that at this time, it might be difficult for Su Yu, but these were objective facts that would allow Su Yu to understand the current situation.

“Shut up… Mian won’t die… she won’t… I will find her.”

Su Yu narrowed his eyes angrily and firmly grabbed Wei Liao by the collar.

“Su Yu, we… have all accepted the fact that Huo Mian… is dead.”

Wei Liao was also very upset, and he still hadn’t said anything about this to Jiang Xiaowei.

He had known Huo Mian for so long, and he had watched as Huo Siqian dragged her away and jumped off the cliff with her.

It was impossible to understand for someone who hadn’t witnessed it firsthand. When Wei Liao finished this sentence, Su Yu punched him in the face…

Wei Liao staggered and almost fell to the ground…

Tang Chuan was telling the rescue team about the situation at the time.

When he saw that a fight broke out at this time, he immediately rushed over.

“What’s going on with you two? Is now the time to fight?” Tang Chuan scolded.

Su Yu didn’t say a word as he gasped for breath.

Wei Liao wiped the wound at the corner of his mouth and did not complain about Su Yu. He knew that Su Yu was falling apart and needed to vent.

“Su Yu, we will do everything you tell us to. You said search and rescue, and we will do it. You said to look for the bodies, and we will do just that… If we can’t find her after a day, then we will search for a month. If we can’t find her for a month, then we search for a whole year… We will even search for the rest of our life if needed, how about that?” Tang Chuan asked Su Yu.

Su Yu bit his lip and didn’t talk, but his mood was already terrible. Yes, he didn’t even want to say anything.

After a long pause, he finally asked, “Qin Chu, how is he?”

“He’s in a coma. They’re treating him at the hospital. I think… no one is sadder than him.” Tang Chuan bowed his head, looking very spent.

“Let’s head out.” Su Yu said, then turned to leave.

Tang Chuan grabbed him. “Su Yu, let’s leave the search and rescue operation with them. We have to head back now… the twins are still at your home.”

When the twins were mentioned, Su Yu became even more depressed…



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