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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (19)

“Pudding, Little Bean… Your mom…” Su Yu faltered.

“You didn’t get her back, right?” Seeing Su Yu’s look, Pudding’s heart sank.

“Pudding, listen to me. The situation is very complicated, but I believe your mommy will come back safe and sound.”

“Come back? Did the big bad guy take her away?” Pudding reacted quickly.

“I…” Su Yu didn’t know what to say; if he misspoke, the kids would get suspicious.

But he couldn’t just tell them that their mom was dead; it would be cruel to them.

“Handsome Su, how about my dad?” Little Bean pulled at Su Yu’s sleeve and asked, looking at him with her cute innocent eyes.

Su Yu felt a lump in his throat and almost shed tears.

He tried very hard to suppress his emotions, and with great control, he managed to answer, “Your dad is worried and won’t stop until he finds your mommy. So, he’s still busy out there.”

“Oh. I see…” The kids looked disappointed.

“Have you been good today?” Su Yu caressed their heads and asked dotingly.

“Of course, we were all very obedient to Grandma Su’s words,” Little Bean replied with a pout.

“Yu, you’re back just in time for supper.” Mrs. Su walked out of the kitchen.

“What did you make, Mom?” Su Yu tried to look happy since he didn’t want the kids to see the truth from his expression.

“I made some of the kids’ favorite dishes, steamed pork with glutinous rice powder, fried lotus root slices, and sweet and sour fish. Oh, I made your favorite dish, stewed lamb ribs in tea.” Mrs. Su smiled gently.

“Whoa! Great. I’ll have a hearty meal today.”

Su Yu forced out a smile and walked to the dinner table, holding the children’s hands.

He thought he was indeed the most fitting person to take care of the twins if Huo Mian was indeed dead and Qin Chu couldn’t wake up; after all, he was the person the kids felt closest to.

Taking the kids to the dining room, Su Yu heard his cellphone ring.

Glancing at the number, he answered the call in a low voice and then walked to the balcony as if he didn’t want to be overheard.

Little Bean and Pudding sat at the table silently.

Little Bean saw her elder sister was looking at Su Yu with complicated feelings in her eyes.

“Sis, what’s on your mind?”

“Do you think Handsome Su told us the truth?” Pudding said.

“Of course. What do you think? Did he lie to us?” Little Bean didn’t think too much of it.

“I have a feeling that something big has happened. Handsome Su looks weird today,” Pudding murmured.

“How did you see that? I see nothing unusual about him,” Little Bean retorted.

“Then you didn’t notice his smile. It looked forced and not sincere,” Pudding explained.

“Hey, you’re overthinking it. Mom is not back and Handsome Su likes Mom so much; I think it’s natural that he is worried.”

“No. It’s not that simple. I have a feeling that he’s hiding something from us.”

“Then we can ask him later. You don’t have to trouble yourself by guessing.”

“Silly. If he didn’t want to tell us the truth, do you think he would answer me truthfully?”

“What shall we do then?” Little Bean looked puzzled.

“No. I must go and make a call.”

Then Pudding got down from the chair at the dinner table and trotted out with her cellphone.

“Is my sister being a bit paranoid,” Little Bean murmured to herself.

When Su Yu finished his call and came back, he was puzzled when he saw only Little Bean sitting there.

“Where’s Pudding?”

“She went out to make a phone call.”

“To whom?” Su Yu was curious.

“I have no idea. But, Handsome Su, are you hiding something from us?” Little Bean pursed her lips and asked.



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