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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (13)

“Um… Ning-Ning, listen to me…” Tang Chuan said guiltily as he stood up.

He didn’t know how to tell Qin Ning but he knew he couldn’t lie to her anymore.

There was no way he was going to hide this from everyone in the Qin Family.

“Tang Chuan, say something… How’s my brother doing? Who’s in the operation room?” Qin Ning’s voice quivered as she was on the verge of tears.

She knew something was wrong when she picked up the call from Tang Chuan.

She kept asking but he wouldn’t tell her over the phone. When she asked him where he was, he told her that he was at the Army Hospital so she rushed over…

Tang Chuan was a very direct person but now he was hesitant to speak.

As for Qin Ning, she already knew something was wrong.

“Ning-Ning, listen to me but you have to promise to stay calm. Promise me that… You need to be mentally prepared for this…”

“Hurry up and say it. You’re scaring me…” Qin Ning felt like her heart was racing.

When she arrived at the emergency room, she saw Su Yu, Tang Chuan, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling all looking very blue… This was not a good omen.

Tang Chuan didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth because he knew how close Qin Ning was with her brother and Huo Mian. But, he knew that if he didn’t say it, no one else would be able to tell her. Everyone there was in a terrible mood

“Ning-Ning, Huo Siqian hugged Mian and jumped off a cliff with her… Qin Chu couldn’t bear that news so he spat out blood and is now in a coma…”

Tang Chuan clutched his teeth and finally told Qin Ning the hard truth.

Qin Ning stared at him after hearing the news. “What did you just say?” She felt like she was hallucinating…

“Ning-Ning, Mian’s dead… Qin Chu was devastated and now he’s in a coma. He’s still in surgery. Everyone here is feeling pretty heavy as well…” Tang Chuan embraced Qin Ning’s shoulders and slowly uttered the news.

“No… I don’t believe it… No, it can’t be like this… not like this…” Qin Ning was so shocked that she kept backing up and shaking her head.

Although she said she didn’t believe it, she was already crying.

“Tang Chuan, you liar. You love these tricks, don’t you… You’re trying to scare me right? Where’s my sis-in-law? Where did you guys hide her…”

“Ning-Ning…” Tang Chuan looked worriedly at Qin Ning, who was crying her soul out.

“Tang Chuan, hurry up and give my sis-in-law back to me. Pudding and Little Bean are still waiting for their mommy to come home…” When Qin Ning said this, she caused everyone’s mood to sink even more…

Zhu Lingling had recovered a bit but was now once again distressed.

She leaned onto Gao Ran’s shoulders and started to cry…

“Honey, what would Little Bean and Pudding do without Mian… Those poor girls… They’re not even four years old… How can they lose their mother at such a young age? What will they do?”

Gao Ran was a big man and would seldom cry. The sight of this however made him fall into tears. He didn’t say anything but held onto Zhu Lingling tightly. The couple was in much distress.

Su Yu was already numb…

He still didn’t believe what had just happened.

He kept on smoking… There were already tens of cigarette butts on the ground…

He seemed to have filtered out Qin Ning and Tang Chuan’s conversation…

“Ning-Ning, you need to be strong and take care of Qin Chu… He must get stronger… There are still two kids that he needs to take care of,” Tang Chuan said as he looked at Qin Ning.

“That’s impossible. If Mian’s dead, my brother is done for too…” Qin Ning’s make up melted and she kept shaking her head.

“No, he must get stronger for the kids. He is and has always been a great father,” Tang Chuan said.

“You guys don’t understand. My brother…” Qin Ning stopped there.



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