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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (9)

Qin Chu’s method was, of course, a bit of a risk…

But it was the only method because since Huo Mian was pulled over in mid-air, there was less of a risk of setting off any land mines.

He didn’t anticipate that Huo Siqian would react so quickly and be able to grab Huo Mian by the foot.

Everyone around saw what was happening and went over to help.

Su Yu immediately pulled on the rope behind Qin Chu.

Then, Gao Ran, Wei Liao, Tang Chuan also ran over…

The crowd began to play tug-of-war with Huo Siqian…

“Everyone, be careful, don’t hurt Huo Mian,” Gao Ran reminded.

After all, Huo Mian was a pregnant woman…

He watched as these people helped try to pull her away…

Huo Siqian was not in a hurry, and at some point, a micro remote control appeared in his hand.

He lightly pressed on it…

And the area where the landmines were immediately exploded… blowing the rope in half…

As Huo Mian fell, Huo Siqian caught her and carried her back. She never even hit the ground.

“What the…? He stole her back…” Tang Chuan was going mad.

When he came out, he didn’t forget to show off. He said to Qin Ning as he patted his chest, “Rest assured, my wife, I will save our sister-in-law. After all, we are family.”

Qin Ning sobbed in Tang Chuan’s arms.

“Tang Chuan, you must help my brother save her. He can’t lose our sister-in-law… You don’t know what will happen to him if he loses his wife…”

Qin Ning said this as she cried.

But just now, he watched as Huo Mian was taken back by Huo Siqian.

In a flash, Tang Chuan had become really, really desperate…

That feeling was like when you were playing a video game and you were about to win, but then suddenly there was a power outage. Put simply, it was just awful.

Watching the rope break, Huo Mian was being held tightly by Huo Siqian.

Qin Chu’s cold expression finally bore a few traces of emotion.

It was panic… an extreme panic that he rarely expressed.

Yes, he was scared.

He was too scared that something might happen to Huo Mian.

“Huo Siqian, let me go….” Huo Mian was being held tightly in his arms, trying to struggle, but with very little energy.

The deafening sound of the explosion was still ringing in her ears.

Her heartbeat was still very fast. Would the child in her belly be scared?

Huo Mian kept thinking about how to protect her unborn child since it was both hers and Qin Chu’s child…

“Qin Chu… You’ve really angered me now,” said Huo Siqian.

“Huo Siqian, if you don’t want to die, let her go. Believe it or not, I can dispatch an army corp to kill you in minutes.” Su Yu was furious.

“Oh, I believe you. Why wouldn’t I? Since you’re the only heir to the mighty Su Family, it would be very easy for you to arrange an army corp. It’s just… do you think that everything will come together in time? Would I give you this opportunity?”

“What do you mean by that? This is a dead-end… do you still have wings or something?” Su Yu asked.

“Su Yu, did this jerk prepare a helicopter to escape?” Tang Chuan asked carefully.

“Even if he has a helicopter, I will blast him out of the sky…” Su Yu was full of confidence.

At this time, Huo Siqian took a look at Qin Chu.

“Qin Chu, these years, I have been imagining a scene like today, a scene in which you lose to me.”

“The battle isn’t over yet, so I haven’t lost,” Qin Chu said.

“No, you’ve already lost, because…”

Saying this, Huo Siqian stopped and took a look at Huo Mian, whom he was holding tightly, then continued to say, “Mian, my little sister, from this moment on, will be mine forever.”

With this, Huo Siqian held onto Huo Mian and turned to jump towards the cliff…

At that moment, everyone held their breaths…

It was almost as if you could hear a pin drop…

“Don’t do it…” Su Yu’s yelled as his heart broke, but at that moment, Qin Chu couldn’t make a sound.

He just watched Huo Siqian holding Huo Mian as he jumped down… there was nowhere else to go.

The next second… Qin Chu coughed up a mouthful of blood.



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