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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead 1(5)

Everyone looked at Qin Ning after Su Yu asked that question…

She turned over and looked around. She suddenly felt that this was the time to tell everyone about her brother’s secret, a secret not even Mian knew about.

From the current situation where Mian was dead and her brother was in a coma, there was no point in keeping it as a secret.

“Ning-Ning, hurry up and tell us… Only if you tell us can the doctor pinpoint the root cause and treat accordingly to save Qin Chu…” Tang Chuan was anxious.

“During those four years in the States, my brother was in a very bad condition. He missed Mian so much that he caught a disease…” Qin Ning said slowly.

“What disease?” Su Yu stood up after realizing how serious this was.

“It’s a rare disease. I didn’t study medicine so I’m not sure what it is. All I know is that it’s called paranoid personality disorder.”

Qin Ning had finally announced her brother’s secret.

“Paranoid what? What is that?” Tang Chuan had no clue what was going on, neither did Zhu Lingling or Gao Ran.

Su Yu was quick to react: he took out his phone and googled this illness. Immediately, the description came up.

Maybe Su Yu wanted everyone to know what this disease was so he said in a low voice, “Paranoid personality disease is a mental illness. It is unknown how many people actually have this disease as they seldom seek medical assistance. If your partner or friend has this disease, you should encourage them to seek medical assistance as most patients with paranoia would refuse to admit that they are sick. Therefore, it is hard for doctors to determine what disease they actually have. Paranoia usually originates from a sudden shock and the patient was not able to get out of the trauma. According to the United Nations Medical Association, 2-4% of the world population has paranoia. However, many paranoia patients don’t even know or admit they have such illness, this number is probably understated. It is hard for one to recover from paranoia because when they finally admit that they have such disease, they are unable to control or change their reality. Even if they seek external help, they are not willing to receive help for a prolonged period. Once they refuse the help again, they will sink into a vicious loop of depression and anxiety. Most paranoia patients are male, and there have been no proven cases of full recovery from paranoia.”

Su Yu’s reading made everyone’s heart sank further.

“F*ck. Does that mean Qin Chu doesn’t even know he has such a disease because people with paranoia refuse to admit they are sick?” Tang Chuan asked.

Qin Ning immediately refuted, “No. My brother has a medical background. There’s seldom such a genius doctor with such a high EQ like my brother. My brother is amongst the few that would admit he has that disease so he’s been trying to cure it. However, the medicine he first had wasn’t really working so he made his own medicine. His self-created medicine wasn’t good for his body but if he didn’t take it, he would be mentally inflicted. I didn’t know what to do either.”

“Does… Mian know about this?” Su Yu asked.

“Of course not. My brother wouldn’t let me tell her… Even his father doesn’t know about this. Only Rick and I know. My brother commanded us not to let her know because she’d be extremely sad if she found out… She would blame herself, thinking that she was the cause…” Qin Ning looked down and said.

“So that means during the four years Qin Chu and Huo Mian were separated, while Qin Chu was in the States, he missed Huo Mian so dearly that he got this mental illness?” Su Yu asked.



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