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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (18)

“He asked me to tell you, President Su, that he is entrusting President Huo Mian and their children to your care.”

With pain in his voice, Yang told Su Yu the request on the phone.

But Su Yu didn’t feel any surprise or delight when he heard the request; instead, his heart ached.

“Okay. I got it.”

Ending the call, Su Yu took in a deep breath.

Qin Chu was indeed a man attentive to every detail; he had been prepared for the worst scenario before he set off.

He must have been prepared to do everything he could to save Huo Mian, even at the price of his life.

One of the worst scenarios was that he died and Huo Mian survived.

Then, he would just generously ask Su Yu to take care of Huo Mian and the twins.

Su Yu wondered what Qin Chu had been thinking; probably he didn’t want Huo Mian to be burdened with the heavy responsibility of taking care of the children all by herself or to live the rest of her life in loneliness.

Anyway, it was a decision made with deep love.

Su Yu felt distressed; he paced on the corridor of the hospital.

He smoked over ten cigarettes and when he reached for more, he found the packet was empty.

Sighing slightly, he pushed open the door to the ICU.

The room was quiet as Qin Chu lay on the bed; only the beeping sound of the monitors could be heard.

Doctor He was an excellent doctor in the city; if he said the case was complex, it was complex.

Qin Chu’s illness was indeed difficult to treat.

He didn’t quite understand the paranoid personality disorder that Qin Ning had mentioned, but after reading the information about this illness online, he knew it was a complicated issue.

At this moment, Huo Mian had fallen down the cliff, and no one knew if she was alive or dead; Qin Chu was in a coma and was also treading on the verge of death.

It left Su Yu in charge of everything; Qin Chu had personally requested Su Yu to take care of the twins and Huo Mian.

One had to admit that this request showed Qin Chu’s total trust in him.

Of the two awesome and capable people, one was dead and the other was in a coma.

Su Yu was on the brink of falling apart.

If Wei Liao and Tang Chuan hadn’t grabbed him with all their strength, he probably would have been at the bottom of the ocean now.

Looking at Qin Chu quietly for a while, Su Yu said softly, “I got the request you made through your assistant. But I want to tell you that I damned refused to take it. I only want to tell you that you must take care of your own wife and children; how can you hand them to another man? I’m not someone who wants to take extra responsibilities and won’t take care of your wife and children for you. So, arrogant and cold fellow, you’d better wake up soon and assume your own responsibilities, okay?”

With eyes tightly shut, Qin Chu didn’t show any consciousness.

“It’s settled, then. I won’t help you. If you don’t wake up, your wife and children will live on the streets as beggars.”

Su Yu said the words in resentment to provoke Qin Chu.

Then, he closed the door carefully and left silently.

He wanted to find a small bar where no one would recognize him and get drunk.

He wanted to forget everything on his mind.

He wanted to wake up in the morning and say good morning to Doctor Huo on WeChat.

But he knew he could no longer do these things.

Although he held the hope that Huo Mian had survived, everyone knew that she was dead.

His beloved Doctor Huo was no longer in this world.

In a daze, Su Yu drove to the manor of the Su Family.

The twins saw Su Yu and dashed out.

“Handsome Su, you’re back! Where’s my mommy?” Pudding and Little Bean asked at the same time.

Hearing their question, Su Yu felt as if something pierced his heart…



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