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(Everyone says Huo Mian’s Dead (3)

“Huo Siqian, you’re garbage, scum, and a son of a bit*h…”

Tang Chuan was no better than Su Yu when he lost his temper.

If not for the landmines, he would have dashed over and beaten Huo Siqian senseless.

After the red wine was forced down her throat, Huo Mian felt her stomach begin to convulse.

She collapsed to the ground and began dry retching.

Although she knew red wine wouldn’t impact the baby, she still didn’t want the red liquid to enter her stomach.

It felt even worse when Huo Siqian forced down the wine in such a perverted way.

She didn’t have any weapons on her; after all, Huo Siqian had even found her tracker, not to mention the silver needles on her.

Right now, she was envious of Yan.

If she had Yan’s fighting skills, even two Huo Siqians would probably not be her match.

“Qin Chu, what are you waiting for? You don’t want to kneel? Do you want me to pour some more wine into Sister Mian?” Huo Siqian reached out and pulled Huo Mian from the ground.

Qin Chu’s eyes turned deep and unreadable, no one could guess what was going on in his mind.

If it was like a typical soap opera, the hero would kneel to save his beloved woman and show his love for the heroin.

Then the audience would burst into tears.

But life wasn’t a soap opera, and things in the real world wouldn’t go in that direction.

Huo Siqian indeed wanted to insult Qin Chu by making him kneel.

He had always disliked Qin Chu acting so almighty as if he was a king.

Born with a noble and prideful aura, Qin Chu had never submitted to anyone.

In contrast, Huo Siqian had spent his childhood in mistreatment, living a life worse than a dog’s.

It was also that which had distorted his mind and made him the twisted person he was today.

So, he just wanted to see Qin Chu kneel before him and shatter his pride.

But Huo Mian struggled up and looked at Qin Chu, whispering, “Don’t do it. Please…”

Qin Chu understood the look in her eyes.

He knew if he knelt to Huo Siqian, Huo Mian would feel even worse than death.

So, he just stood there and didn’t move.

“Tsk… Mian, look at him. I told you he doesn’t love you. He only loves himself and feels that its shameful to kneel. If he can’t do such a little thing for you, how can you expect him to die for you? Don’t be silly. He doesn’t deserve your love.”

“Don’t try to set me against him. We’ve been husband and wife for years and the love between us surpasses the ordinary love between a man and a woman. We’re the closest people in the world and can’t be separated by you with a few words. Qin Chu understands me more than anyone in the world.” Huo Mian felt happy that Qin Chu understood her meaning.

She felt satisfied.

“Then let’s drink some more, Baby…”

That said, Huo Siqian caught her chin and raised another glass of red wine, pouring it down her throat.

“Don’t do it. Huo Siqian, I beg you… You want someone to kneel to you? I’ll kneel.”

The words came from Su Yu.

When he watched Huo Siqian force the pregnant Huo Mian to drink the wine, he almost went crazy.

He felt it was even more painful than being cut into pieces by a knife.

Even now, he still couldn’t watch Huo Mian being tortured before him.

So, the arrogant Su Yu dropped to his knees like a wastrel in front of Huo Siqian.

Everyone was astonished by his act…



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