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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (4)

“That’s right. After the breakup, when I found out you weren’t doing great, I was finally relieved.”

“How can you be so malicious?” Shen Mingxi let out a long sigh.

“I’ve always been this malicious, didn’t you know? Oh, yes, I used to pretend to be very gentle. You were so stupid, you only thought with the lower part of your body. At that time, all you wanted to do was get me in bed. How would you be able to see my real intentions?”

“Enough, don’t say another word.” Shen Mingxi felt like just the sound of her voice was about to drive him insane.

Once upon a time, he used to protect this woman.

For her, he would turn his back on the world.

Kind of like what Qin Chu would do for Huo Mian.

It was a pity that he met with such a great defeat…

Although Huo Mian deserved Qin Chu’s adoration and commitment, Huo Yanyan was not worthy of that kind of devotion.

Su Yu was right. He was too easily fooled if he was willing to follow that woman around.

“Of course I have to keep talking, I haven’t said enough. You’re pretty lucky. You were able to walk away from that car crash unharmed. I heard that Wei Ying was the one that gave you that blood transfusion?”

“What about it? What are you trying to say?” Shen Mingxi asked coldly.

“Congratulations, your ex-wife is back again. Just like a dog that was abandoned by its family, you just have to look back and she will still be waiting there. She doesn’t care about the way you hurt and betrayed her in the past. Look, this woman is better for you. I certainly couldn’t do that. If I were Wei Ying, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. After all, you divorced her for me, and you’ve been sleeping with me for so long. But since Wei Ying still hasn’t given up, then that’s fine…”

“Huo Yanyan, look at yourself in the mirror. You’re a living example of a bitter, mean woman.” Shen Mingxi was holding his temper.

It was the first time he had said such harsh words, it was harder for her to bear than if he were to just swear directly at her.

It was the same as if a man who once loved you, one day decided to use the sharpest and meanest words to describe you.

It didn’t matter if you had broken up, it would still be difficult to hear.

“That’s right, I’m just a skank,” Huo Yanyan said deliberately.

“If you were just trying to mock me and make fun of me, then you’ve succeeded.”

“No, there’s more. I just want to say that you, Young Master Shen, will always be brilliant, but here’s the thing. You have been played by me, a divorced woman with a child. You and your ex-wife combined are not even as smart as me.”

“Yes, Huo Yanyan is the smartest person in the entire world,” Shen Mingxi scoffed.

“I hate you, Shen Mingxi…” Huo Yanyan was very emotional.

When she said this, her voice began to quiver…

However, Shen Mingxi didn’t feel like listening any longer.

“So then hate me, that’s fine. Love or hate, I really don’t care anymore…”

With this, Shen Mingxi hung up the phone.

Hearing the ensuing beeping come through the phone, Huo Yanyan’s heart went cold.

Then, she laid her head on the steering wheel and burst into tears…

Everything she had just said wasn’t what she actually felt. In her heart, she still loved that man.

But she also knew very clearly that the two of them could never go back to the way they were before.

In particular, when she heard that Wei Ying gave her blood to save Shen Mingxi, she felt envy, jealousy, hate… she was so jealous she wanted to die. She was going crazy…

So, she could only say those mean things to get under Shen Mingxi’s skin, hoping that it would alleviate her own guilty feelings, no matter how hurtful.

But only she knew in her own heart that she didn’t think that way, that the words she said were not true…

But what did it matter?

After hanging up on Huo Yanyan, Shen Mingxi discovered that his heart didn’t hurt that much anymore.

After the car accident, he was much more clear-headed, and he didn’t miss Huo Yanyan as much as he anticipated he would.

He took out his cell phone and began randomly going through his callers’ list, only to see Wei Ying’s number flash across on the screen…

Then he went back over and looked for it…

He checked it carefully, and it was definitely Wei Ying’s phone number. Without a doubt, her mother must have helped take her name off the blocked list.



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