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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (7)

“Oh. Okay.”

Huo Mian looked back at Su Yu. “I’ve got to hang up.”

“I’m curious what your husband wants to show you…” Su Yu asked shamelessly.

“Curiosity killed the cat…” Huo Mian answered without mercy.

“Okay. My brain is exhausted when I talk to you. Go to bed early, pregnant Doctor Huo.”


Ending the video-chat, Huo Mian stood up and walked out.

“Mom, be careful. Dad will spank you if he saw you flirt with Handsome Su…” Little Bean said earnestly.

“It’s fine. I’ll tell Dad that you helped me video chat with Su Yu.” Huo Mian laughed.

“Mom… That’s not nice. I can’t believe you’d betray me.” Little Bean rolled her eyes.

“We don’t need to betray you. We can just sell you. Sold by pounds, you will sell for the highest price among all of us,” Pudding interrupted.

“Qin Zhaozhao, you scorned me again…” Little Bean glared at her elder sister.

“Yeah, you’re bullied. Will you go and get comfort from your Gao Boyuan?” Pudding mocked her.

“No. This time, I’ll change my strategy. I’ll pour my heart out to your Wei Yunchu so he can see what an evil sister you are. He won’t be charmed by you anymore.”

That said, Little Ban turned and ran downstairs, leaving a confused Pudding standing at the entrance of the room on the second floor.

– In the main bedroom –

“Honey, what do you want to show me?” Huo Mian walked over and hugged Qin Chu’s neck.

“Look at this.”

Qin Chu handed her a black card with a golden frame.

Curiously, Huo Mian opened the card and saw one word on it — Invitation.

She looked further down and saw a pre-wedding photo of Huo Siqian and Yan Ruoxi.

Huo Siqian still wore that vague and creepy smile.

However, Yan Ruoxi lost her usual happy smile and looked stiff in the picture holding Huo Siqian’s arm.

Her smile looked weird, as if it was forced.

There was a line of small words under the photo…

We’ve finally decided to end our marathon dating by entering the fairy-tale castle of marriage; we’ll spend our lives together in fair weather and in foul. We invite our relatives and friends to witness this happy moment and bless our marriage.

The wedding of Mr. Huo Siqian and Miss Yan Ruoxi will be held tomorrow in the Peony Hall of Green Lake Seven Star Hotel. Mr. Qin Chu and Ms. Huo Mian are invited to witness this happy occasion.

Holding the invitation in her hand, Huo Mian smiled coldly…

“Well, what is he up to?”

“He’s getting married. Again.” Qin Chu reached out his hands and held Huo Mian’s waist.

“He makes such a fuss about his second marriage. He’s outrageous. Everyone says Mr. Su is flippant and showy, but I think he’s no match for Huo Siqian,” Huo Mian commented.

“No, I think he does it on purpose; there must be a scheme behind the wedding.”

Even though Zhang Manlin hadn’t said it, Qin Chu knew that if Huo Siqian wanted to marry Yan Ruoxi, he would have done it three years ago.

He wouldn’t have waited until now. So, this wedding was just a smokescreen.

“He’s shameless to send us this invitation. After all, the whole world knows that we are his arch enemies…” Huo Mian exclaimed.

“He doesn’t care if we will attend it or not; he just wants to taunt us…” Qin Chu said.

“Honey, what do we do? Must we attend it?” Huo Mian frowned, feeling a great war was coming.

The war might break out any moment at the slightest trigger…



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