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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (9)

“That’s easy to say… Good. Very good. I think 400 ccs is too little; you should have donated ten pounds of blood…” Wei Liao railed at Wei Ying in a rage.

Wei Ying: “…”

“Big Brother, please don’t be angry. I know you all have my best interest at heart.”

“No. In the whole world, no one is as good as your Mingxi,” Wei Liao continued without softening.

“Big Brother, I’ve already done it; I can’t take my blood back now. I’ll listen to you and will never cross paths with him in the future. Okay?”

Wei Ying knew her behavior today disgraced her family and thus didn’t dare to act as unruly as her usual self; her voice had also turned soft.

“Don’t. You must continue your pursuit of him. I heard Shen Mingxi is breaking up with Huo Yanyan… Maybe he’d be grateful to you for your help and come back to you. What a big favor he would do to you…”

“Big Brother, I know you’re angry with me, but your words are hurting me,” Wei Ying said in a low voice.

“You’re hurt? Then how painful did you feel when Shen Mingxi treated you so badly?” Wei Liao was merciless as he continued to rail at her.

Finally, Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t bear it anymore. She grabbed her husband’s hand and said, “Okay, okay! Ying lost a lot of blood and needs rest. She’s remorseful and we’d better stop now and let her rest. We’ll talk later when she feels better.”

“Yeah. You two must return home now. it’s not good to leave Yunchu alone with the babysitter… Go home and check on the kid,” Mrs. Wei said.

“Fine. We’ll go now.” Wei Liao looked displeased.

“Big Brother, Bye! Sister-in-law, Bye-bye!”

Watching Jiang Xiaowei pull Wei Liao out of the house, Wei Ying felt relieved and cast a grateful glance at Jiang Xiaowei.

– It was midnight in the hospital –

Having exited the critical period, Shen Mingxi recovered swiftly in the hours after the blood transfusion. After midnight, he woke up.

“Mom…” He turned his head and saw his mother had dozed off leaning on the desk.

“Son, you are awake?” Seeing Shen Mingxi wake up, Mrs. Shen was delighted.

“Mom… What happened to me?” Shen Mingxi felt weak all over.

“Don’t talk. I’ll call the doctor.”

She got up and pressed on the emergency button.

“Doctor, my son woke up. Come and check on him.” Mrs. Shen wept in joy.

Shortly, the doctor and nurses arrived.

After a series of checks, the doctor said with a smile, “Mr. Shen recovered very well. Mrs. Shen, please don’t worry.”

“Good. Good.”

“You must stay in the hospital for observation for a few days. If everything is good, you can go back home for recuperation. There’re no serious injuries in the body, and you will be fine if we’re certain you have no blood congestions in your head or any sequela.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“You’re welcome. Call us when you need us. Fang, change the transfusion for Mr. Shen to reduce the swelling and ease his pain,” instructed the doctor.


With swift and neat movements, the young nurse put a new transfusion fluid on Shen Mingxi and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Son, you were in a car crash… Do you remember it?” Mrs. Shen caught Shen Mingxi’s hand and said gently.

“Car crash?” Shen Mingxi tried to remember what had happened.

Suddenly, he recalled that he came out Huo Yanyan’s home in a foul mood and was distracted with the thoughts of their relationship while driving.

Then… a car drove from the opposite direction and he couldn’t get out of its way fast enough…

“Mom, what happened to the driver in the other car?” Shen Mingxi asked with difficulty.



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