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(Going Further Down the Path of Self Destruction (8)

“Your woman? Are you kidding?” Zhang Manlin smiled in contempt.

“My looks are okay… I’m not too old for you… My educational background isn’t as good as yours, but I now have an apartment, a car, a lot of money… and a stable job. How come you still think I’m beneath you?”

“You’re a peasant. No matter how much money you have, you can’t change your countryman’s smell… Want to marry me? In your dreams! To tell you the truth, my target is President Qin.”

Zhang Manlin didn’t want to waste her breath on him and told him her true intentions.

“What? President Qin… But he’s married…”

Trickster remembered that he had seen President Qin’s wife from a distance when she picked up the twins.

She projected a high-wattage aura, making people not dare to get close to her.

He was surprised that Zhang Manlin had her eye on President Qin, a god-like figure.

“He’s married, so what? He can divorce… From the very beginning, President Qin has been my target. Do you think I would be willing to do the tedious work of an assistant otherwise? Hehe… You’re so naΓ―ve… No, I have to say you’re stupid. I was nice to you because I was in danger and had to be nice to you. If you dare to touch me now, believe me, I’ll sue you for sexual harassment!” Zhang Manlin was very aggressive.

“Woman, you change faster than the weather…” Zhang Shubao sighed, feeling cold inside.

It was the first time that he liked a woman, and he had never imagined that his first time would end like this.

“No nonsense. Get out of GK now and don’t let me see your face again; otherwise, I’ll make you pay.”

“Zhang Manlin, you’re ungrateful… How can you forget our night together…” Hurting inside, Zhang Shubao tried to stop Zhang Manlin from leaving.

“Get out; keep your filthy hand to yourself… Don’t touch me ever again. Our night? I felt I was bitten by a dog that night… I feel sick whenever I see you, a disgusting bumpkin…”

Zhang Manlin pushed Zhang Shubao away with a vicious force and stomped away on her five-inch high heels.

After returning to the city, Zhang Manlin had turned into a stranger with an atrocious attitude.

Zhang Shubao was enraged but didn’t want to leave the headquarters because he cherished the job President Qin gave him.

– At the door of the conference room in the Shen Corporation –

Dressed in an orange dress, Huo Yanyan had a limited-edition Chanel purse in her hand.

Shen Mingxi paid for them. Regardless of the prices, it showed how much Shen Mingxi loved her; at least, he would buy anything for her.

“Miss Huo, would you wait in the lounge room? It’s hard to say when President Shen will come out of the meeting,” coaxed the female secretary.

“No. I’m fine waiting here.”

Huo Yanyan was at her wit’s end as her mother’s case would be heard soon; she decided to beg Shen Mingxi one last time.

If they didn’t pull the strings, once her mother was convicted, it would be extremely difficult to change the result.

The moment she said the words, Shen Mingxi walked out of the conference room, followed by the high-level officials of the company.

“Mingxi…” Huo Yanyan hurried up and held his arm.

“I’m in a meeting.” Shen Mingxi looked indifferent.

Ever since Huo Yanyan’s mother got in trouble, their relationship had deteriorated; for two nights, Shen Mingxi didn’t even go back home.

He went to the mansion of Shen Family…

“Mingxi, just give me five minutes. I’m really worried,” entreated Huo Yanyan.

“Please… Mingxi,” Huo Yanyan begged.

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