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(Going Further Down the Path of Self Destruction (5)

“I can’t comment on it.” Su Yu was surprisingly chill.

“Eh? That’s not like you at all…” Tang Chuan was surprised.

“What am I like?” Su Yu half-heartedly smiled.

“Huo Yanyan isn’t the main perpetrator of the kidnapping incident, but she is related… Ningning said the reason that Pudding and Little Bean got kidnapped so easily was because Shen Jiani used Huo Yanyan’s daughter as bait. Also, Huo Yanyan knew about it and had been to the original kidnapping location. It is understandable for her to not snitch right away because she was afraid of He Yongjun. However, when she came back, she didn’t mention it at all. It was Shen Mingxi who got the information out of her daughter.”

“So?” Su Yu asked Tang Chuan.

“So don’t you think Huo Yanyan is a rotten person?” Tang Chuan asked with disgust.


“So how are you going to take care of her?”

“I’ll leave it to Qin Chu. The kids are back safely now. Huo Yanyan going to court or Zhang Manlin going to GK are none of my business. Qin Chu knows how to protect his wife and children better than me. Also, he is less gentle in his methods,” Su Yu said.

“Wow, when did our Yu become so humble?” Tang Chuan was a little surprised again.

“Not humble, I know my place.”

“Okay, you win… Ha, let’s wait and see how my brother-in-law takes care of those scumbags.”

“Brother-in-law? Are you married? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?” Su Yu laughed.

“No, I feel just right… It’s because I will marry Ning-Ning for sure.” Tang Chuan was confident.

“Take care of your difficult father-in-law first…”

“Pff… Why did you have to bring that up… Let’s not talk about that, let’s just drink.”

Tang Chuan didn’t want to talk about Qin Ning’s father and changed the topic.

Su Yu rested easier with the twins back…

During the weekends, Huo Mian always brought the twins to have dinner with the Su Family.

During those times, Madam Su would think about her son’s marriage.


“What is it, Mom?”

“I heard that you get along well with an actress from your company,” Madam Su carefully asked.

“Did you see it in a magazine or ask someone from my company?” Su Yu was speechless.

“None of your business. I just want to say that I investigated the girl named Nie Lingxuan. She’s a pretty good person, and she has a clean background. Even though an actress isn’t up to our standards for you, if you like her, we won’t stop you.”

Seeing her son get older made Madam Su more anxious. She wanted to have a grandson badly.

“I don’t have anything going on with her. Don’t worry about me anymore, Mom…” Su Yu outright refused.

“Actually, last time, when I was dining with Mrs. Wei, she mentioned Wei Ying… She’s had a rough time, even though she’s divorced, but you’ve known her since her childhood and you’re also best friends with Wei Liao, so…”

Before Madam Su could finish, Su Yu exploded and shot up.

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