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(Dark Night Before Dawn (3)

Huo Yanyan really wanted to yell back at the old trash and just push him away as hard as she could.

Yet she didn’t have the courage. She still had to rely on him for her mom’s case.

Thinking of her mom who was still in jail and how she wasn’t even sure if her mom could still survive, Huo Yanyan had to hold it in.

That night, the group of friends that hadn’t seen each other for a while planned a gathering at Chu Xiang Restaurant.

Tang Chuan, who was the absolute foodie and knew all the hot spots, heard that there was a newly opened Szechuan restaurant with good reviews, and immediately booked a private room there.

Then at eight o’clock, everyone arrived, including the kids from each family.

Chen Jie and Ni Yang were not drinkers, so they helped take care of the twins, Wei Yunchu, and Gao Boyuan.

In the main seats sat Qin Chu, Huo Mian, and Su Yu, followed by Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, and Qin Ning.

Huo Mian originally planned to invite both Zhixin and Bella, but after realizing that their relationship was still not public yet and that it would embarrass the both of them if they were here, Huo Mian gave up on the thought.

“I’m just wondering, why are we having dinner today? Tomorrow is the start date for the sentencing of Shen Jiani. I think we should wait until she’s sentenced before we have dinner as a celebration, wouldn’t that be better?” laughed Gao Ran.

“Captain Gao, when you mentioned Shen Jiani, I suddenly thought of a piece of gossip. You want to hear it? Whoever wants to hear it, send me a 666-yuan red pocket in the chat!” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Are you addicted to live-streaming? Why 666, I think you look like a 250. Why not tell us to give you 250?” teased Su Yu. (TL Note: 250 means idiot in Chinese)

“See, now it’s you who is out of fashion. Nowadays there are so many live casting apps, they’re all so popular. All those live cast hosts will do anything for money! Last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I saw a host in the middle of the night who went to the unmarked graveyard with a shovel to live cast digging graves. Holy shit that was crazy exciting!”

“What? Last night you secretly went to watch live casts behind my back? Huh…” Qin Ning grabbed Tang Chuan’s ear.

“Oh my dear lord, all the hosts I watch are men, all stinky men… Don’t get me wrong, you know I love playing video games, so I will occasionally watch some game hosts explaining games.” Tang Chuan immediately tried to explain.

“Recently, with the development of the internet, there are a lot of new occupations. But I’ve always believed that those live-cast hosts are not a healthy group of people, and they are really bad influences on young kids. Think about it, a lot of those female hosts, they dress really sexily and show off their charms. What they say all the time are either ‘buddy, no big deal’ or ‘thanks, my Oppa’, and they make more than 100k a month from all that. What do you think those who take the bus or subway to work and are exhausted from being overworked think? If everyone quits their job to become a streamer, then society will be a mess!” Though Su Yu always had an open and positive personality, he was still pretty conservative on certain issues.

He looked a little aggravated on discussing streamers.

“Mr. Su then that’s what you’re missing out on. You need to follow the trend. Even though you’re the boss of an entertainment company, your thoughts are really outdated,” said Tang Chuan.

“I may be outdated but I’m happy about that.” Su Yu stared at Tang Chuan.

“Ha…I’m not going to keep arguing with you. I trust what my sister in law says. Sis, what do you think of this?” Tang Chuan tossed the question to Huo Mian.

“Ehh… I think you guys got sidetracked. Why are you talking about live-cast hosts now? Didn’t you just say that Shen Jiani will be sentenced tomorrow and that you have some gossip to share with us?” Huo Mian looked serious.

“Hahaha, we all got distracted by Mr. Tang. We got sidetracked so much. If it wasn’t because of our smart Mian, later he’ll start talking about stars…” Jiang Xiaowei laughed with her mouth covered.

“Right, after all my sister-in-law is the smart one. So do you guys really want to hear it? I actually do know some big secrets,” Tang Chuan pretended to be very mysterious.

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