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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (2)

“I heard Mingxi was in a car crash. I came to see him…” Huo Yanyan clearly sounded guilty.

“We don’t want you here. Get out.” Mrs. Shen pointed at the gate and tried to drive her out.

“I’m not here to beg him to come back to me. Don’t be afraid…” Huo Yanyan sneered.

“Of course, I know it. And you’re mistaken. I’m not afraid of you; I feel disgusted when I see you.” Mrs. Shen had always disliked Huo Yanyan.

She disliked Huo Yanyan not because she wasn’t as wealthy as Wei Ying; after all, Mrs. Shen had disliked her when she was still the young madam of the Huo Family before it went broke.

She had several reasons to dislike Huo Yanyan. Firstly, Huo Zhenghai was notorious in the circle of rich families.

Secondly, Shen Jiani had been the other woman before she married Huo Zhenghai and had always been arrogant and aggressive; she had been the common enemy of the madams of wealthy families due to her identity of being a mistress.

Thirdly, Shen Jiani’s son and daughter had been unruly and notorious since they were kids.

So, Mrs. Shen had always disapproved of her son’s relationship with Huo Yanyan. She had been shocked when her son left home for this woman.

Then he had ended up like this…

“I know you dislike me, but I didn’t come to see you…” Huo Yanyan wasn’t friendly to Mrs. Shen.

“My son doesn’t want to see you either.”

“You’re not him and can’t decide for him.” Huo Yanyan was still tough.

“I don’t want to waste my breath on you. I won’t allow you to see Mingxi… You’re an ungrateful bit*h. Mingxi is kind and pure; he pitied you and your daughter and has taken care of you two. But you repaid him by hurting him. If not for you, he wouldn’t have been hit by a car. Fortunately, my son has come out of danger, otherwise, I wouldn’t stand here and talk to you like this. I would make you pay!” Mrs. Shen looked as if she wanted to tear Huo Yanyan to pieces.

But due to years of self-restraining in a wealthy and powerful family, she calmed down and didn’t say anything outrageous.

“I don’t care. I want to see him.”

Then, Huo Yanyan walked into the hospital.

She heard about Shen Mingxi’s accident hours after it happened.

One of her girlfriends told her and she had thought it was a prank.

When her Moments on WeChat and the news were all talking about an urgent need of blood, she realized it was true.

But she couldn’t do anything except feeling anxious because she didn’t have Rh-negative blood.

Leaving her daughter at home alone, she immediately drove to the hospital but bumped into Mrs. Shen at the entrance.

Mrs. Shen was furious when she saw Huo Yanyan insisted on going into the hospital.

“Stop her.” Mrs. Shen ordered her bodyguards.

Two brawny bodyguards blocked Huo Yanyan’s way.

“Get out of my way…”

“Go! I told you my son doesn’t want to see you.” Mrs. Shen began to lose her patience.

“I won’t listen to you. You’re nobody to me and you have no right to mind my business.” Huo Yanyan got tougher.

Mrs. Shen finally lost it. She walked over and slapped Shen Yanyan on the face hard.

“You hit me?!” Huo Yanyan looked at Mrs. Shen in fury.

“You deserve more than a beating. You hurt my son so much; I should kill you… But killing you would dirty my hands… Mingxi was so good to you. According to my knowledge, he gave you a house, car, money, and bought you many luxury items. He didn’t take anything back after you broke up with him. Stop harassing him now. If you still have any dignity left in you, please disappear and never come back to bother him,” Mrs. Shen warned her, putting emphasis on each word.



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