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(Dark Night Before Dawn (6)

“Uh… it’s me, it’s me.” Huo Mian pursed her lips somewhat bashfully.

Next, everyone erupted with excitement.

Gao Ran: “Whoa! This is the third one. As far as numbers go, they are already in the lead.”

Huo Mian: “…”

Wei Liao: “If the baby is a boy, then you’ll have a son and two daughters. The family will be complete!”

Jiang Xiaowei: “Even if it is still a girl, it’ll still be awesome, because you guys have good genes. All three of them will be gorgeous!”

Qin Ning: “Then I’ll be an aunt again. Ha, I’m so happy! Wait… do our parents know about this?

Huo Mian: “Yeah, I haven’t told them yet. I didn’t want to tell them right away because there are so many of them, and they all have big mouths. I don’t want to let too many people know that I am pregnant.”

Zhu Lingling: “Right, especially that big bad guy, Huo Siqian.”

Chen Jie: “Big Sister Mian, why don’t you apply for leave then? You have a huge workload at the hospital, and that’s not good for the baby.”

Ni Yang: “Sis, you should resign soon. You are just a vice-director, just let someone else do it.”

Huo Mian: “I am not that spoiled, okay? Besides, I had to stick it out for several years before I could become vice-director. It was not easy.”

Tang Chuan: “Sis-in-Law, if you have a son this time, you have to celebrate with a big dinner. When the time comes, I will milk the two of you accordingly. You should spend at least eighteen thousand eight hundred yuan per table. ”

Huo Mian: “Holy, eighteen thousand eight hundred yuan per table? Does it have to be that expensive?”

Tang Chuan: “Master Su, you get to be a godfather again! Are you excited?!”

Su Yu: “Thrilled! I’m so happy for her!”

Although he kept saying that he was excited, Su Yu still felt a little bit of disappointment on the inside. This was a feeling that only he himself understood.

Huo Mian: “Okay, you guys, don’t cause a commotion, haha. When my baby is born, I can extort all of you aunties and uncles… Hurry up and get your gifts ready. In less than eight months, the baby will come out and greet you all!”

Zhu Lingling: “So that means it has been two months now. Alright, so you’ve managed to keep it hidden for this long already?”

Huo Mian: “I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. It was just that so many things have been happening recently, I didn’t get the chance to bring it up.”

“So, in this state, there’s no way I will let her out of my sight,” Mr. Qin announced domineeringly.

“Haha, you couldn’t chase me away if you tried, okay?” Huo Mian affectionately leaned her head against Qin Chu.

In front of others, Huo Mian always presented herself as a wise person with a high IQ. Of course, other than for Qin Chu.

With him, she was shy, flirtatious, acted cutely, and always carried on like a child. In turn, she was always being amused, praised, and pampered and spoiled.

Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling were also very happy, but privately, the two of them were a little envious.

In this world, if there existed an ultimate form of mushiness, it would be called “Qin Chu pampers Huo Mian”.

Simply put, it was mushy to the point of being despicable.

You could say that if one day Huo Mian became a big villain or a terrorist, Qin Chu would not be able to place righteousness before family.

He basically wouldn’t think twice about betraying the world with Huo Mian.

This kind of love was bordering on obsession…

Rick once said that he felt like Qin Chu’s love for Huo Mian was somewhat obsessive, and maybe even abnormal.

But even if this was the case, this kind of love could only be found and not demanded. There weren’t many women in the world who would receive it. Huo Mian was indeed one of the lucky ones.

Tang Chuan: “You guys are making all the bachelors envious, hmph… Fortunately, I’m not a bachelor. Come on, Ning-Ning, give me a kiss.”

Qin Ning: “Give yourself a kiss.”

Tang Chuan: “What? What does a guy have to do to get a kiss from his own wife?”

“So, as the only bachelor in the audience at the moment, do you have anything to say, Young Master Su?” Wei Liao picked up the phone and using it as a microphone, he handed it to Su Yu.

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