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(Creepy Wedding (20)

Realizing that Qin Chu was unhappy, Zhang Manlin began to explain.

“President Qin, I’m not trying to tell you what you should do. It’s just that since I’ve worked under Huo Siqian for the past few years, I still know quite a bit about how they operate, so I wanted to help you take him out.”

“But the information you’ve given me isn’t of much value. As far as I know, the warehouse at Gold Wharf Port is to divert attention. The weapons haven’t been stored there for a long time. I’m actually very interested in the five-year plan. It’s just unfortunate that you know so little about it,” Qin Chu said slowly.

“Let me think… oh right. Here’s something that might be useful to you. The person that Huo Siqian trusts the most is Ah-Cheng. He definitely knows more.”

“Since Ah-Cheng is his confidant, if I capture him, I may not be able to get anything out of him.”

“But I know that Ah-Cheng adopted a little girl from an orphanage. I’m not sure if it was someone’s illegitimate daughter. He adores that child. He visits her every month, and he has also been saving money in a fund for her. Supposing that Huo Siqian doesn’t know about this, you can capture the child and use her to threaten him, and he’ll tell you anything. As long as Ah-Cheng spills the beans, dealing with Huo Siqian won’t be a problem.”

“Disaster should not befall family members. I never involve the innocent, especially children.” Qin Chu’s eyes gave off a chilly air.

Zhang Manlin was only in her early twenties. How could she be so callous as to ask Qin Chu to go and kidnap someone’s children?

A woman like that, and with a face that resembled Huo Mian’s, was truly a disgrace.

“But if we do it this way, our odds of success are much greater.”

“Alright, why don’t you head down now? You said it yourself, I probably know everything now. I’ll have someone check it out.”

Qin Chu wasn’t especially pleased over Zhang Manlin’s loyalty. Instead, he felt even more indifferent towards her.

When Zhang Manlin walked out of the office, she felt slightly ill at ease. Was she doing the right thing?

– That evening –

When Zhang Manlin slept in the staff dormitory, she began to have nightmares.

She dreamt that Huo Siqian grabbed a dagger and swung it at her face.

“Since I gave you this face, then I have the right to take it back.”

“Ahh! No, Big Brother Qian, please don’t, I beg you! I don’t want to go back to the way I looked before. I want to be Huo Mian.”

“Be Huo Mian? He he… how could a woman like you possibly be Huo Mian?”

Saying this, Huo Siqian swung downwards, and blood splattered everywhere.


Zhang Manlin was so scared that she woke up from her sleep. She reached out and touched her forehead, sweating.

She gasped heavily with her mouth agape.

Originally, there had been a female employee who would share the room with her. Unfortunately, in the past few days, female employees had returned to their hometowns, so she was away on annual leave.

Alone in such an empty room, Zhang Manlin actually felt terrified.

She took out her cell phone and looked at the time: it was half-past one in the morning.

She pulled out some tissue from her headboard and wiped her face, then got out of the bed and walked towards the living room.

Just as she was about to open the refrigerator, she heard a sound coming from the window.

“Who’s there?” She turned back in horror.

But no one answered her.

“Help! Help! Bodyguards, where are the bodyguards?!” Zhang Manlin yelled as she opened the door to the room.

She frantically sounded the alarm, and it let out a piercing noise, alerting the security guards of the dormitory.

Several security guards went upstairs to investigate, which awakened all the employees around them.

“Miss Zhang, there’s no one here. You must have been hearing things,” said the security guard.

“Impossible. There was definitely somebody outside my window.”

“But you live on the 18th floor. How could someone be outside, unless it was a ghost?” The security guard looked helpless.

“Some people must spend their time doing a lot of unethical things for them to get this scared. Isn’t there a saying say that people with a clear conscience aren’t afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night?” several female colleagues whispered.

Grinding her teeth, Zhang Manlin didn’t look well at all.

Downstairs in front of the staff dormitory, a black Honda was parked by the side of the tree-lined road.

“Boss, did you hear about the conversation that b*tch had with Qin Chu today? So… should we teach her a lesson now?” Ah-Cheng could barely hold himself back.

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