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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (9)

"I don't need your warning. Release her."

As if she was bewitched, Huo Yanyan didn't have an ounce of trust in Huo Mian.

She just kept demanding the hospital to release Shen Jiani.

"Deputy Director…" The other doctors looked like they wanted to say something.

"Release the patient to her."

"Okay, okay. We'll push the patient out."

Seeing Huo Mian compromise, they were elated. If they didn't release the patient, this crazy woman would turn the hospital upside down.

Besides, if the operation failed, they would shoulder all the blame.

They didn't know Huo Mian's thoughts and only thought their deputy director was a bit stubborn.

After the medical care staff pushed out Shen Jiani, Huo Yanyan immediately called an ambulance and left the hospital.

"Mom… Please hang on. You'll be fine… Don't be afraid."

Huo Yanyan was scared when she saw her mom was covered in blood.

Watching their departure, Huo Mian sighed slightly.

"Oh! How are the other people that were injured with Shen Jiani in the car crash?" Huo Mian suddenly remembered this important issue.

"The others have slight injuries; Shen Jiani got the most severe injuries. It's said the van crashed into the vehicle from behind, and the policemen sitting in the front were only lightly injured."

"Oh. I see…"

Seeming to be in thought, Huo Mian took out her cellphone to call Qin Chu.

But she decided against it when she realized she needed to make the call in private; after all, their conversation would involve things that were not fit to be heard by others.

Ten minutes later, a bodyguard pushed open the door to Huo Mian's room.

"Young Madam, Mr. Qin told us to drive you home."

"Now?" Huo Mian was a little surprised.


"But I'm working." Huo Mian was puzzled.

"We don't know the reason as well but it's Mr. Qin's request. Maybe he needs you for something urgent," said the bodyguard.

"Well… Okay. Wait a minute. I'll leave after finishing the paperwork."

"No. Mr. Qin said you must leave now. Young Madam, please don't make it difficult for us; we will lose our jobs for it." The bodyguard knew Huo Mian had a soft heart and used this excuse to urge her.

"Um… Okay. Let's go."

Although she didn't understand the urgency, she guessed something big would happen when she saw the serious expression on the bodyguard's face.

After Huo Mian left the South Side Hospital in the RV with the bodyguards, Huo Yanyan returned to the hospital and shouting insults about Huo Mian at the entrance.

"Huo Mian, come out! I facking hate your guts!"

On the way to the Third hospital, Huo Yanyan's mother Shen Jiani died of internal bleeding in the head without immediate surgery.

When they reached the Third Hospital, the doctors found the patient's pulse and heart had stopped.

Her brain had been dead for minutes, but Huo Yanyan hadn't known it.

At Huo Yanyan's weeping and yelling, the doctors tried to revive the patient with shock therapy but had no results.

In the end, they declared the patient was brain dead…

Not able to accept the truth, Huo Yanyan drove the corpse back to the First Hospital.

She blamed Huo Mian for the death of her mother, and her screams drew many patients and their visitors.

With Shen Jiani's body lying behind Huo Yanyan, it was a creepy sight.

The security guards of South Side tried to drive her away, but Huo Yanyan threatened them with her death.

"This lady, our deputy director made it clear to you and didn't want you to transfer the patient to another hospital; she planned to operate on her, but you insisted on taking your Mom away. Now your Mom is dead, and you came back to cause a scene. Are you trying to blackmail us? Shame on you!" A female doctor under Huo Mian couldn't stand by and watch anymore. She pointed at Huo Yanyan's face and began going off at her.

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