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(Dark Night Before Dawn (2)

Seeing that Huo Yanyan was not resisting, the dirty old man went even further.

He put one of his hands on Huo Yanyan’s chest while the other one was busy too.

Being molested by such a dirty old man, Huo Yanyan didn’t feel good.

But she held it in, reminding herself that it could be creating a new way to help her mom.

As Attorney Wang got closer and was about to kiss Huo Yanyan’s lips, the office door was pushed open forcefully.

“Hey, I already told you that you can’t enter. Why did you come in, I’m going to call security.” Then they heard Attorney Wang’s assistant scream.

Both Huo Yanyan and Attorney Wang turned around.

A young man was standing at the door with an icy gaze fixed on Huo Yanyan.

“Mingxi…” Huo Yanyan’s mind went blank.

“Heh, when someone told me before that you were using your body to save your mom, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t think you would do things that crossed the line. But it looks like I underestimated you. Huh, Huo Yanyan, you did so well.”

Shen Mingxi laughed coldly.

Huo Yanyan pushed the old dirty man off of her and went over to explain.

“Mingxi, no it’s not what you think. I didn’t want to do it either, but you know I really have no other choice.”

“Oh yeah, just for your mom, you’re willing to cross the line and do anything. You’re just like your mom.”

“What do you mean?” Huo Yanyan was getting agitated.

“What I mean is that you should be more honest about yourself. I really regret being together with you for so long and even believing that you were a nice girl who valued herself. Whether you had divorced or if you had a kid, or if you were bullied by Wei Ying, I didn’t care at all. No matter what other people said about you, I’ve always believed that your heart was still gentle and kind. But what about you? What you did really let me down. Huo Yanyan, why bother pretending to be an innocent prude while you are, in fact, a scheming bitch?”

“I’m a scheming b*tch? Huh?” Huo Yanyan sneered.

“Aren’t you? Even though Wei Ying is arrogant and does whatever she wants, she owns it and never tries to hide it. But you always act so meekly when in fact you know the truth in your heart. From the beginning when you tried to get closer to me, you had your motives, right? What Su Yu said was right. Your goal of getting closer to me wasn’t entirely pure to begin with. Before your dad passed away, maybe you wanted me to help you keep the family company shares that you, your mom, and your brother should inherit, so you wanted to marry me. Later, you tried to get closer to me, hoping I could help you get your revenge on Huo Siqian. Now that I don’t want to help you, you’ve decided to sell your body to some ugly, old man. Huo Yanyan, you’re really a monster.”

“I’m a monster? Who caused all this? Isn’t this all your doing? If it weren’t because you weren’t helping me, why would I need to do this? If I were a scheming b*tch, then you’re nothing good either. We’re the same. The reason why you decided to get together with me, you think that was out of pure love? It’s not because of your overflowing sympathy? You think we’re poor and you’re a god, a savior, a philanthropist. You’re the greatest and in the whole world, right?”

“So that’s how you’ve seen me this whole time?” Shen Mingxi felt his heart drop.

“If not, how should I view you?” Huo Yanyan questioned.

“Then it looks like I shouldn’t have come today and disrupted you two. I’m sorry, you two continue. I hope you won’t regret what you did today and successfully rescue your mom.”

Shen Mingxi immediately turned around and left after saying this.

“Mingxi…” screamed Huo Yanyan in despair.

“Miss Huo, let’s continue…. I really like the black leggings you’re wearing today.” The old man held Huo Yanyan from the back and kissed her behind the ear.

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