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(Creepy Wedding (18)

“Don’t worry about her, she’s just a pawn.” Huo Siqian seemed to be indifferent to any woman other than Huo Mian.

“Yes, but I am worried…”

Ah-Cheng said this, then suddenly stopped.

“Finish what you were saying…” Huo Siqian had finished his breakfast, and he daintily wiped the corner of his mouth with a paper napkin.

“Boss, I am worried… do you think Jack might appear and make trouble? That would be a disaster, you know he…”

The fact that Ah-Cheng mentioned Huo Siqian’s split personality was very taboo. Usually, no one would talk about it.

“Jack? Oh, no, there’s no risk of him coming out… I recently increased my medication.” Huo Siqian was very confident.

“Boss, didn’t the doctor say you couldn’t increase the dosage? I think maybe you should go back and see Dr. Matthew.”

“There isn’t much time. It wasn’t easy for me to get one more week’s time from Ian, and I don’t want to have any surprises at this wedding.”

“But…” Ah-Cheng seemed to be having a hard time saying what was on his mind.

“No ‘buts’. This time, it has to be successful… In the end, Qin Chu and I must fight our last battle. If I win, I can get what I want. If I lose, I might die.”

When Huo Siqian said this, his expression was very nonchalant. It seemed as if life and death were not a big deal to him.

“Boss, you will not lose. You can definitely win this. This is, after all, the big plan that we have been perfecting for the past few years,” Ah-Cheng encouraged him.

– The GK Corporation Headquarters –

Wearing a sexy suit, Zhang Manlin appeared at the door of the president’s office.

Bella had just finished handing in some information to the boss and walked out. Seeing her, she immediately cast a disgusted look.

“Good morning, Sister Bella.”

“What do you need the President for? He’s about to go into a meeting,” Bella said coolly.

“I know, I won’t keep President Qin for too long.”

“If there’s an issue, you can talk directly to me or Director Jing in the future. Don’t keep bothering President Qin. He is so busy every day, he doesn’t have time to worry about these little things.”

“But there are some things that I want to keep between President Qin and me,” Zhang Manlin said with a hint of provocation.

“Zhang Manlin, how you managed to get into this company, you know yourself very well. You have to learn how to be grateful, how to appreciate the opportunities you’re given. Don’t do things that will humiliate yourself. You are a woman in your twenties, still unmarried. Don’t give people a reason to talk about you behind your back, that’s not good. I hope you can make your parents proud.”

“Hehe, Sister Bella, doesn’t our company only manage employees’ work issues? Since when did it begin educating us about moral behavior?”

“You…” Bella was speechless.

“Moreover, even if that were the case, doesn’t that apply to you, too? You are also an unmarried woman who doesn’t know how to behave herself. Where do you get off educating me? I respect you and I’m willing to give you face, but don’t take the respect for granted. I’m not that easy to push around.”

“Zhang Manlin, you can’t just talk to me like that. No matter what, I’m still your superior.” Bella was so angry she was having chest pains. She did not expect Zhang Manlin to be so arrogant.

Especially while they were still standing at the door of President Qin’s office.

“Superior? You? Ha! I’m very sorry. I only have one superior, and that’s President Qin. Some people don’t know better than to always flatter themselves. You’re just some woman that’s seeing the President’s brother-in-law, and you’re trying to make yourself out to be some big deal.”

With this, Zhang Manlin did not wait for Bella to answer. She knocked on the door to Qin Chu’s office and walked straight inside.

Bella remained standing at the door with a sour expression on her face. For the first time, she felt that Zhang Manlin wasn’t a good person and was very difficult to deal with because she had no shame whatsoever.

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