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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (2)

“I… guess that’s the only option.” The two police officers were afraid the woman would continue the nonsense with the press. If they made the department look bad, they’ll probably get in trouble as well.

One of the officers stayed in the room to comfort Zhang Manlin, while the other one went out and reported the situation to their police station director through the phone.

The police station director then called Gao Ran, and finally, while fearing for his own life, Gao Ran called Qin Chu at such an ungodly hour.

At the very least, the incident was settled.

Half an hour later, the police officer returned back to the ward.

“Li, what did they say?”

Li gave Zhang Manlin a glance and continued, “President Qin said, yes, the two of them work for his company. But, he’s not sure what she’s talking about with the whole schemes that Huo Siqian is planning. President Qin was not familiar with Huo Siqian, so he has no idea what she’s saying.”

“What? How’s that possible! That’s what Qin Chu said?” Zhang Manlin was dumbstruck.

“Correct. President Qin also said…”

“What else did he say?” the other officer asked.

“He had said that Miss Zhang and the security guard might be in a relationship, as opposed to what she’s been claiming. According to the other employees within the company, Miss Zhang can get emotional sometimes, and recommended us to take her to a psychiatric ward for testing.”

“Qin Chu, I hate you…” Zhang Manlin lost her last hope. Qin Chu was no longer protecting her, not only that, he was essentially adding salt to injury at this point.

“I also received a statement for something else,” Li said.

“What is it?”

“Miss Zhang has stated that President Huo wanted to kill her because he came into her room and tried strangling her. But, during that time period, President Huo has an alibi. The reporters also captured it. He has been with Mr. Cui Zhenwu, the CEO of Angel’s Donation Organization, the Not-For-Profit. They were at the Hilton hotel the entire time. So, he never showed up here, and Miss Zhang has been making up stories this whole time.” Li glared at Miss Zhang with disdain. Not only did he and his partner waste the majority of the night on this crazy woman, they had also been yelled at by their station director.

“No no no no, how could this be! It’s not like that, don’t believe them. They’re all in on this, I saw it with my own eyes.” Zhang Manlin panicked.

“Miss Zhang, I recommend you watch your words. You, a regular citizen, with no prestigious background or title, why would these important individuals put on a show just for you? Not only do I think you are emotionally unstable, you’re also experiencing paranoia and delusion. C’mon, let’s go. We got played by this psycho. Not only that, the station director had already scolded us.” As Li finished speaking, he and his partner both turned on their heels and left.

“Wait! Don’t leave!! Listen to me!” Zhang Manlin yelled after them, hoping they would turn around.

“Good job, Zhang Manlin. I can’t believe you told the police that I raped you, and made up the entire story that someone is trying to strangle you. You… are definitely unstable.” At this time, even Zhang Shubao was beginning to despise Zhang Manlin.

“What the hell do you know, you dumbass. The situation is very complicated!’ Zhang Manlin yelled.

“Regardless of how complicated the situation is, they’re not as complex as your heart.” Zhang Shubao glared at her in disdain and continued, “I’m so confused. You came from the countryside as well, why are you so scheming? You want all this and that, but why don’t you take a look at yourself? Why would people with prestigious titles care about you? Whether it be President Huo, or President Qin, those are the people that are unattainable by you.”

“I will have my revenge, and I will never let them go. I will kill all of them!!” Zhang Manlin sat on the hospital bed and howled in despair.

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