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(How Bitter Do People Like You Feel Inside (7)

“You wish. I broke up with her. I don’t care what you do!” Shen Mingxi angrily hung up.

However, after he hung up, he felt bad for her so he called his assistant in.

“Wang, can you come in for a bit.”

“Hi, President Shen.” His male assistant knocked.

“Go investigate carefully the number that just called right now.”


In a hotel suite, Huo Yanyan finally woke up with a terrible hangover.

When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to find herself in an unfamiliar environment.

She looked down to see that she was completely naked.

“You’re awake?”

“Who are you?” Huo Yanyan immediately pulled up the sheets to cover herself. Then she glared at the man.

“You already forgot about me? But you were so passionate last night…”

“Bullsh*t. Do you know who I am? How dare you touch me! I won’t let you off the hook!” Huo Yanyan was actually petrified but she used anger to hide her terror.

“Of course. I even sent out our lovely photos to that rich boyfriend of yours… But that rich boyfriend doesn’t seem to love you. I asked him to buy those photos for five million but he wouldn’t do it.”

“What… did you say?” Huo Yanyan was dumbfounded.

That man tossed the photos he had already printed out at her, and all of them were inexplicably inappropriate.

“You’re quite a character. Divorced with a child but Shen Mingxi still loved you… He’s rich so you probably have quite an amount piled up. How about this? Since he isn’t willing to buy them, you can buy them yourself. I’ll give you a discount price of two million.” The man smiled.

Huo Yanyan remained silent for a while. Then she threw herself towards the man and scratched his face, despite her being naked.

“You bastard, I’m going to kill you.”

“You b*tch. What are you doing? You willingly did it with me last night…”

“I’m going to sue you for rape. Bastard, I don’t know you. How dare you do that to me last night and threaten me now…”

No matter what the man said, Huo Yanyan would not listen. She was crazy and started tearing the man’s clothes.

Finally, the man was so angry that he pushed her to the ground and beat her up.

“I thought you were just a little bit aggressive but you’re actually a crazy b*tch. If I knew I wouldn’t have even touched you and gave you such an enjoyable night. How dare you completely flip on me today… I’ll kill you!” The man started kicking Huo Yanyan heavily once he threw her to the ground, not at all holding back.

“If you want these pictures, you can pay for them. Otherwise, I’m sending them to the media to let the whole world see what a slut you are,” the man said. Then he spat on Huo Yanyan and left.

Huo Yanyan laid on the floor sobbing…

She regretted drinking so much last night. Why did she go to such a messy place?

To Huo Yanyan, this made her whole situation worse.

Her mother’s corpse was still at the Municipal Public Security Bureau. She had her own problems too, and she really no longer had the energy to keep going.

The man was captured with a sack covering his head and thrown into a van very soon after leaving the hotel.

“President Shen, we have him. What should we do?” the male assistant asked.

“Get the pictures and break his arms and legs. Then throw him in the back mountain,” Shen Mingxi ordered.


Suddenly, Shen Mingxi’s phone rang. It was Huo Yanyan’s home number. To be honest, he didn’t want to pick it up because he was disgusted by the current Huo Yanyan.

However, his phone kept buzzing and it was extremely annoying.

“Huo Yanyan, what the hell do you want?” Shen Mingxi asked irritatedly.



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