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(Creepy Wedding (12)

“I said I never want to see your face again,” Shen Mingxi suppress an urge to shout as he repeated his sentence.

Shen Mingxi’s eyes looked bitter cold when saying these words, as he had been pushed to the edge by Huo Yanyan. His heart was broken.

“Fine. You said that. You better not regret this,” Huo Yanyan said as she pointed at Shen Mingxi with tears in her eyes.

“I never do anything I regret. I loved you despite my family’s opposition. I still don’t regret that even though everyone criticized me for it. Now, I will not regret what I did today either.”

“Fine. Fine then. Haha, Shen Mingxi. We’re over…”

In order to save face, Huo Yanyan decided to break up with him.

“Sure. I’ll leave the house and the car with you. Also, you can keep whatever money and things I gave you… If you want, I’ll give you more money so we can walk our separate paths from now on. You’ve been with me for a while now and I have never treated you poorly. I’m tired. Let’s just end this…”

“Who wants your money? Do you think that you’re so great because you have money? I don’t need your f*cking money and I can still live fine. I don’t need your compensation. Hehe, we’ll see if I can figure this out without you. Shen Mingxi, I finally know your true colors. All men are the same f*cking shit. Once you men pull your pants back up, you won’t recognize who I am. You’re sick of having sex with me, eh? You want something new, eh? Fine, I’ll grant you that wish,” Huo Yanyan said. Then, she slapped Shen Mingxi and walked out.

Shen Mingxi showed no signs that he was going to go after her…

“Uh… Mr. Shen, do you want to go home first for some rest? I’ll have someone send you back,” a rich friend on his side said.

“No, it’s fine. I’m just single, so what?” Shen Mingxi said. Then, he sat back down next to Su Yu.

Shen Mingxi picked up a bottle of wine and poured a glass full for himself.

“Yu, let’s keep chatting.”

“Are you alright?” Su Yu could tell that Shen Mingxi was not in a good mood, so he did not want to force it.

“I’m fine. Really. Some people just aren’t meant to be. Our paths diverge from here… I didn’t want to end so badly with her but I’m tired now…” Shen Mingxi had been driven nuts by Huo Yanyan and was exhausted both physically and mentally.

He was always drinking, whether it was at work, at home, or outside.

She was constantly messaging or calling him, and all she talked about was her mother’s case.

Everyone knew that her mother’s case was unsavable. No one dared to take on this case because they would end up going on Qin Chu and Su Yu’s enemy list, and that would definitely not end well for anybody.

Shen Mingxi did the right thing. However, Huo Yanyan shouldn’t have tied their relationship with her mother’s case. Shen Mingxi thought that was something very inappropriate and irrational of her.

Did Shen Mingxi love her? Yes, he loved her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done so much for her.

Not only did he have a huge fight with his family and Su Yu, but he had also pushed the people in their circle aside.

Sadly though, this woman did not appreciate his love for her.

In Huo Yanyan’s eyes, one small mistake was enough to erase everything he did for her.

Shen Mingxi felt heartbroken. He was truly exhausted. He no longer wanted to argue with Huo Yanyan.

After all, they had slept on the same bed for so long. Although they had not officially gotten married, he still didn’t want them to hate each other. He thought that he could still help her materially even though they broke up.

However, this woman did not appreciate his care at all…

Tang Chuan patted Shen Mingxi on the shoulder and said, “Hey bud, I have something to tell you so listen carefully.”

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