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(How Bitter Do People Like You Feel Inside (6)

“Stop lecturing me. You’re my enemy now. I won’t listen to you, you got that?”

“I never told you to listen to me. All I wanted to say is that you’re someone’s mother. You should think more about the future of you and your child rather than being stubborn. You’re so stupid.”

“Yes, I was stupid to believe you. I was stupid enough to risk my own safety to save your children.”

“Please, give me a break. Who was the person that captured them in the first place? Wasn’t it Huo Siyi?” Huo Mian thought that Huo Yanyan’s thoughts were completely different from hers and they couldn’t communicate with each other.

“I don’t care. My mother’s dead now. I won’t let you people live a happy life.”

“Fine. Do whatever you can. I’ve never been afraid of you… It’s so sad that Shen Mingxi fell for a woman like you. Not only did you destroy your own happiness, but you also destroyed his… People are very real nowadays. He was able to not mind that you were divorced and had a child with another man. Not many men could treat both you and your daughter so well. It’s such a pity that you threw all that happiness away.”

“I don’t need you to criticize what I did. Shut the f*ck up. Who do you think you are?” Huo Yanyan was mad.

“I won’t say anymore because you’re nobody to me. If you want to go against me, then come at me! I’ve never been scared of you!”

Huo Mian was pregnant so her emotions were not that stable either. That was why she argued intensely with Huo Yanyan on Weibo. You could tell that her emotions fluctuated rapidly by how hard she typed.

In the end, Huo Mian exited Weibo, turned off her phone, and went to bed. Starting tomorrow, Huo Mian was going on maternity leave.

Huo Yanyan threw her phone in her purse and continued gulping down shots.

Finally, she was so drunk that she lied on the table with her head exploding.

“Huh? Isn’t that Shen Mingxi’s little mistress?” Someone recognized Huo Yanyan.

“Yeah. I’ve seen her a couple of times with Mr. Shen but I’ve heard rumors that they broke up.”

“Oh? Is it because of that case?”

“Yeah, probably. But she does have a good body for a mother… Ha…”

The group of men left after some gossip…

Then, another man that overheard their conversation boldly came up to Huo Yanyan and flirted, “Hey beauty. Want a drink?”

“Sure. Let’s have a drink. Pour it full!” Huo Yanyan was already very drunk but she pushed her glass over and the man poured her a glass full of wine.

Then, Huo Yanyan left the night club in this man’s arms.

In some hotel, the man carefully took off Huo Yanyan’s clothes and took pictures of her.

Then, he mailed them to Shen Mingxi’s office the next day. Those pictures were very inappropriate.

When Shen Mingxi saw them, his face was livid.

Suddenly, his phone rang.


“President Shen, did you see the pictures?”

“Who is it?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. I just wanted to see if you want your girl’s photo with me from last night published. If this is leaked to the public, you’ll probably lose face too, eh? After all, it doesn’t feel nice to be cheated on.”

“What do you want?”

“Simple. Five million in cash wired to my account and I’ll give you the original copies of these photos,” the man said and laughed evilly into the voice modulator.



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