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(Dark Night Before Dawn (5)

“Well, you guys don’t know him. He’s a notorious pervert, a C-list lawyer even in our city. I truly don’t know who hooked Huo Yanyan up with this guy. He’s over 50 years old with a bald head and a pockmarked face. Heck. I don’t know how Huo Yanyan could bear to have sex with such a guy…” Tang Chuan looked disgusted.

“I guess she’s desperate. After all, Shen Mingxi doesn’t want to help her; she’s on her own,” Gao Ran analyzed.

“She came to me twice asking for help, but I refused,” said Huo Mian.

“Sis-in-law, don’t fall for that bitch’s lies,” said Tang Chuan.

“I refused her. I’m not stupid. After all, I’ll never forgive Shen Jiani for the harm she did to my babies.”

“She’s very sly and kneeled to my sister-in-law because she knows my sister-in-law is soft-hearted.” Qin Ning pursed her lips in disdain.

“I’m not Saint Theresa. It’s useless to kneel to me. My Little Bean almost got a concussion because of her and that man. She deserves to be punished. I won’t sit back and watch while Huo Yanyan gets her mother out of the prison on medical parole with the excuse of health issues.”

“You’re right. Bad people must be punished.” Zhu Lingling spread out her hands.

“Huo Yanyan had a set of good cards but ruined her chances of winning with poor skills, huh?” Tang Chuan commented.

“Do you think she had a set of good cards? I don’t think so. Her mother was a home-wrecker who passed her immoral values to her son and daughter, getting her son killed and her daughter in big trouble… She didn’t have good cards,” Wei Liao commented.

“Following this logic, can we say my sister-in-law has achieved a sweeping victory with a set of bad cards?” Qin Ning joked.

“You’re wrong. Ning-Ning, our sister-in-law’s cards were not bad. Her IQ left us in the dust from the very beginning. She’s destined to achieve big things,” Tang Chuan flattered.

“It’s a waste of my IQ that I didn’t become a terrorist and make bombs, right?” Huo Mian said self-mockingly.

“Haha! Now that you mentioned bombs, I must congratulate you on the bombs you made that day when we arrested them. The bombs were awesome. After I returned to the police station, that platoon leader named Zhang called me; he hoped you could teach the troops about chemistry and medication. They are very useful skills for the special force soldiers when they do field tasks.”

“Huh? Seriously? I didn’t know about that.” Huo Mian looked non-plussed.

“Of course you didn’t. Gao Ran called me about it, but I rejected the suggestion…” Qin Chu butted in quietly.

“Yeah. Your husband turned it down for you.” Gao Ran chuckled.

“Why did you do it, honey? The armed police sent out a large force to help us arrest them. We owe it to them.” Huo Mian pursed her lips.

“I don’t think so. I donated lots of supplies to the troops stationed at that place in the name of the company. Besides…” Qin Chu continued after a pause, “I’ve never seen a pregnant woman who’d teach troops in the depths of the mountains how to make bombs instead of staying home and keeping the baby safe.”

“Pregnant woman? Who…?” The guys who didn’t know about Huo Mian’s pregnancy looked puzzled.

Among her friends, only Jiang Xiaowei and Su Yu knew about it.

“Damn! My Mian, are you pregnant again?” Zhu Lingling was elated.

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