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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (8)

“Of course we’ll go, even if it’s a trap.” Qin Chu turned around and stood up.

He kissed Huo Mian’s forehead softly with endless love and gentleness.

“I thought you wouldn’t let me attend it for fear I’d be in danger…”

When she said those words, she clung tightly to Qin Chu’s warm chest…

She cooed at him like a little woman leaning on her strong man.

“No. I won’t let you leave my side in your current state…” Qin Chu placed his hand on the back of her head and said softly.

“Then we have to delay the trip with the kids?” Huo Mian pouted.

“Yeah. After we get rid of Huo Siqian, I’ll take you to any place you want…” Qin Chu comforted her.

“Humph… Then I want to go to the Milky Way,” Huo Mian goaded him.

“Fine. But first, we have to buy a spaceship…”

They looked at each other and smiled…

In the mansion of the Wei Family, two family doctors were doing a transfusion for Wei Ying.

One hour later, she finally woke up.

“How come… I’m home?” Wei Ying opened her eyes groggily; looking around, she asked weakly.

“You even dare to ask. You disgraced our Wei Family…”

Wei Ying was Senior Wei’s favorite, but he felt disgraced and furious at Wei Ying’s behavior today.

“Dad…” Wei Ying lowered her head guiltily.

“Don’t call me Dad. I don’t have such a spineless daughter…”

“Ying, what on earth happened? You divorced him long ago. How come you’re still bewitched by that Shen Mingxi and even risked your life to save him?” Mrs. Wei asked.

Before Wei Ying could answer, Wei Liao interrupted, “She regards herself as Virgin Mary.”

“Big Brother… It’s not like that…” Wei Ying tried to explain.

“You still deny it. You’ll be the death of me…” Wei Liao scolded her.

“Sis-in-law… Help me…” Wei Ying turned to Jiang Xiaowei for help.

Jiang Xiaowei lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak; not wanting to offend either party, she remained neutral.

“Don’t drag your sister-in-law into this. Today, everyone is here to make you repent…” Wei Liao scolded.

“Oh… I feel dizzy… Dad, I’m tired and want to sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay?” Wei Ying pleaded.

“It doesn’t matter. The family doctors are still here and can give you shots when you’re dizzy,” said Wei Liao.

“You’re good… Am I your biological sister or not?” Wei Ying was a bit angry.

“Good question. I should have someone test your DNA and see if you’re really my biological sister. How come you’re so lame? He dumped you but you still scrambled to donate blood for him. Who are you to him? Wei Ying, it’s not your business if Shen Mingxi dies or not!” Wei Liao finally lost it.

“Big Brother… You know I’ve loved him for years. I couldn’t watch him die and do nothing.” Wei Ying said in an unusually gentle tone.

She had always been aggressive and got her way.

People in their circle always said Wei Ying was the female version of the hot-tempered Su Yu. A typical spoiled rich girl, she was contentious and stubborn.

“Well said, but did you remember how Shen Mingxi divorced you heartlessly and married Huo Yanyan in a high-profiled style? Didn’t you see how hard the two families fought because of you? I thought the whole thing had passed and you’d gotten over him. But you scrambled to help him when he was in the slightest trouble. Look at you… What are you to him now? When Shen Mingxi got hit in a car crash, why didn’t his beloved woman visit him and donate blood for him? What business do you have in it?” Wei Liao demanded without taking a pause.

“But it’s not like Huo Yanyan has Rh-negative blood… I share his blood type,” Wei Ying tried to explain in a low voice.



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