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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (10)

“It’s not your business. Where’s Huo Mian? Call her out! She owes me an explanation!”

“What explanation?! You’re unreasonable. You didn’t listen to us and then came back to cause a scene when your mom died… You’re disgusting! You guys call the police.”

The female doctor gestured at the security guards.

Shortly, police officers of the subdivision came to the hospital.

“The police officers are here; so what? A doctor at South Side got my mom killed due to her personal grudge; where’s the justice?” Huo Yanyan yelled in high spirits.

“This lady, you can’t make a scene here; you’re disrupting the order of the hospital. Come with us.”


“You are interrupting public order and the hospital called us. Do you understand?” The police officers were a bit irritated.

“If you dare to lay your hand on me, I’ll sue you for sexual harassment…”

Then Huo Yanyan made the move to take off her clothes. The young police officers cringed and backed off.

No one dared to drag her away, afraid she would blackmail them.

“Captain Ma, what shall we do?”

“Call the city police department for help.”

The officers had seen that Huo Yanyan wasn’t an ordinary woman; besides, the dead woman was a felony suspect, which meant many people might be involved in this issue.

Half an hour later, Gao Ran came to the hospital with his team.

“Well, well! How nice… Aren’t you Great Director Huo’s good friend? You’re working with her on this, right?” Huo Yanyan glared at Gao Ran and scorned him.

“This woman, you give her an inch, and she walks all over you. Come and take her to the station,” Gao Ran said in disgust.

“What? I didn’t break the law; how can you arrest me?” Huo Yanyan raised her head and looked at Gao Ran challengingly.

“You disrupted public order and caused congestion in the hospital. Do you understand?”

“No. I only know that Huo Mian and her husband, Qin Chu, set a series of traps and killed my mom,” Huo Yanyan said with conviction.

“You can’t accuse people without evidence…”

“Guys, look! The chief of the city police department is a friend of that couple and favors them. This society is so corrupted; how can we ordinary people live in this world?”

Huo Yanyan tried to stir hatred for police among the crowds.

“Huo Yanyan, you are shameless! Your mom was a felon, but you call her an innocent ordinary person. Why don’t you tell people how your mom kidnapped children and even tried to kill them? Huh?”

Hearing Gao Ran’s words, the people around them began to point fingers at Huo Yanyan.

“Oh! She’s the daughter of that kidnapper… Horrible.”

“What are you waiting for? Take her away.”

“If you dare to touch me, I’ll sue you for sexual harassment…” Again, Huo Yanyan threatened to take off her coat.

“You two drag her into the police car. Bring the body to the department and ask Doctor Lin to do a forensic examination on it. We’ll do everything according to the legal procedures.”

At his order, two female police officers walked out from behind.

They walked up, grabbed Huo Yanyan’s arms, and dragged her into a police car.

They also took Shen Jiani’s body with them to do an examination…

This drama finally came to an end.

At this moment, in Ah-Xin’s Ramen –

“Honey, you sent for me so urgently just to eat noodles with you?”

The bodyguards and the chauffeur ushered Huo Mian into Ah-Xin’s Ramen behind the Second Middle School.

Dressed in a short-sleeved black shirt, Qin Chu sat in the restaurant with two bowls of ramen on the desk before him. Obviously, he had been waiting for her.

“Eat it now. It will be cold in a moment.” Qin Chu picked up a pair of chopsticks and handed them to Huo Mian.

“Honey, you made me slip out from my work to eat noodles with you… This… is not right. I must return to the hospital; I’ve got several operations waiting for me.” Huo Mian didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh.

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  1. Stupid ignorant fool
    You killed ur mom😡

  2. Yanyan life don scatter
    No Shen, no money
    She will be the next boss


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