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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (8)

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“What are you so nervous about?”

Several women surrounded Wei Ying and started to question her.

“Geez, I’ve already told you. After all, we did grow up together, I can’t just stand by and watch him suffer… I couldn’t stand it anymore. I don’t have the greatest temper, but I’m not a monster, am I?” Wei Ying explained.

“Why don’t you take it easy, your face is completely red…”

“Don’t be silly…I don’t need to take it easy, I’m just feeling a little bit hot…” Wei Ying patted her cheeks with both hands.

“Ying-Ying, I’m not trying to come down on you. I just think you should keep your distance from Shen Mingxi. You shouldn’t dwell in the past. Remember, he’s the one that dumped you. You don’t have to get revenge, but don’t fall into the same trap twice. That would be stupid,” one girlfriend advised.

“Yeah, Ying-Ying, I heard that Young Master Shen recently broke up with that shameless skank… don’t let him make you into the rebound chick.”

“Never mind them, ha… I really just wanted to save him, that’s all… it’s not at all as complicated as you think. Come on, let’s have coffee, then plan our shopping trip in Hong Kong in a few days…”

Wei Ying was not willing to say any more about Shen Mingxi’s affairs, so she deliberately switched topics.

A few of the girls also sensed this, and no one brought it up again.

However, conflict was still on the horizon…

Huo Yanyan had also met up with another girl to go shopping. When they were tired, they stopped for a coffee.

They had no idea that the cafe belonged to one of Wei Ying’s friends.

So, when Huo Yanyan walked in, one of Wei Ying’s friends spotted her and immediately whispered, “Ying-Ying, look over there…”

Wei Ying turned her head and when she saw Huo Yanyan, she paused briefly.

Huo Yanyan was wearing a dress that was black on top and red on the bottom. It was the same dress as a famous female celebrity, and it was said to be worth more than ten thousand yuan. Everyone knew that she was able to enjoy this kind of lavish lifestyle all because of Shen Mingxi doting on her.

“Nana, what did your friend say? Is there any hope for my mother?” Huo Yanyan asked, lowering her head.

“Yanyan, this may sound a little harsh, but your mother is already dead. Just forget about it. You really won’t be able to stand up against them… Why did you still go about finding someone in the public security department? They probably won’t be able to find anything useful. Didn’t they already say that the driver was driving drunk and tired?”

“I don’t believe it. It must be Qin Chu or Su Yu that did it… Huo Mian also knows who my mother’s murderer is,” Huo Yanyan said relentlessly.

“Even if they know, it’s impossible to do anything right now. You told me to ask, I did. No one wants to get involved.”

“I will offer up another million,” Huo Yanyan said.

“It’s not a matter of money, you know that. They’re worried that they’ll offend Qin Chu and Su Yu… In my opinion, you shouldn’t torment yourself. Take the money that Young Master Shen gave you, take your child, and get your life back to normal, or go abroad to start a new life again. Why not?”

While the two of them were chatting, Wei Ying came over with a girlfriend.

“We don’t welcome professional homewreckers here. Hurry up and get out.”

Huo Yanyan turned her head sideways to look at the woman standing by her, then looked at Wei Ying, who was standing not far off, and she figured out what was going on.

“Oh, I thought it was someone else… It turns out to be this abandoned woman’s bestie. You’re just some loser, and you have the gall to chase me out?” Huo Yanyan stood up arrogantly.

“Who are you calling a loser, you shameless homewrecker?” the woman said, coming to Wei Ying’s aid.

“What is it, am I mistaken? I heard that last night someone decided to forget about the past and shamelessly ran over to donate blood… that’s so heroic! So what? Did Shen Mingxi not praise you for your valiant efforts? Did he not show you his ‘appreciation’?” Huo Yanyan looked at Wei Ying maliciously.

When Wei Ying heard this, her expression darkened…



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