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(A Very High Profile Second Wedding (4)

No one had imagined that Wei Ying, the arrogant young mistress of the Wei Family, would risk her life for another.

How deep was her love for Shen Mingxi that made her risk her life and endure so much pain to save his life?

“Fu*k! Wei Ying is a hero…” Tang Chuan said.

“Old Wei would get furious if he learns about this. You know, he always thinks his sister shouldn’t have made herself look cheap by loving Mr. Shen,” Su Yu said.

“Love is magical; how can we say ‘cheap’? Take me and Qin Ning for instance; if I didn’t make myself look cheap and pursue her persistently, how could I have succeeded? Love is just a game with one party acting decorously while the other looks cheap with shameless pursuit. But, if one day, the shameless one leaves, the one acting decorously would be sad. This is the truth about love. It’s a double-edged sword which can hurt both parties in a relationship…”

Su Yu: “…”

“Forget it. It’s meaningless to talk about such a deep philosophical issue with a guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“Fu*k off,” Su Yu cursed.

Mrs. Shen followed the nurses when they pushed Wei Ying into the ward next to the emergency room.

“Nurse, when will she wake up?” Mrs. Shen asked.

“It’s hard to say. The girl donated too much blood for her own good and might sleep through the whole night. Your son is lucky and will survive this accident.”

Then the young nurse walked out of the ward with a smile.

Mrs. Shen had complicated feelings…

When the Shen and Wei Families were united by marriage, many people thought it was just a business arrangement.

The Shen Family indeed regarded it as a business arrangement because the Wei Family was more famous and richer than the Shen Family.

It was to the advantage of the Shen Family when the two families were united by marriage.

However, to her surprise, Wei Ying fell in love with Shen Mingxi…

Due to her deep love, Wei Ying was afraid to lose it, which was why she had felt so insecure.

It was why she watched Shen Mingxi so closely and didn’t give him any personal space.

When Huo Yanyan used some dirty tricks to break them up, their marriage came to an end.

Shen Mingxi had disliked Wei Ying so much that he didn’t want to look at her.

It took a long time for Wei Ying to stop harassing him.

Because of the divorce, the Wei Family broke up with the Shen Family and cut off all the business connections between them.

Wei Liao couldn’t even bear to stay in one room with Shen Mingxi…

They avoided any occasion that they could meet each other.

Mrs. Shen had never imagined that Wei Ying would come to the rescue when they needed help the most.

She had talked with the young girl who had come with Wei Ying.

They had been enjoying hot spring in the Jing County; when Wei Ying heard about the car crash, she immediately got dressed and dashed back.

Bringing her friend who also had Rh-negative blood, she raced on the highway at 90 miles per hour; after they entered the city, they ran all the red lights as they raced to the hospital.

As the young girl said, Wei Ying was crazy…

Su Yu felt Wei Liao should be informed of the whole thing, so he called the latter and gave him a briefing.

In less than 20 minutes, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei arrived.

“President Wei…”

“Young Master Wei…”

Many people greeted Wei Liao…

“Hello, Big Brother Wei, Sis-in-Law…”

“Young Master Wei, here you are…” Tang Chuan waved at him from the distance.

Wei Liao walked directly to Su Yu.

“Su Yu, where’s Wei Ying?” Wei Liao’s face looked cold.

“In that ward. She’s asleep,” Su Yu said.

Without a word, Wei Liao walked directly toward the ward.

“Wei Liao, you came…” Mrs. Shen looked embarrassed.

“I’m here to bring my sister back.” Wei Liao didn’t look friendly.

“She passed out. It’s not a good time for her to leave; she needs rest…”

“Do you take her as a human blood bag? How many times do you want to take advantage of my silly sister? Huh? In the whole world, your Shen Family are the most scheming people. You take people from the Wei Family as morons, right?” Wei Liao demanded.



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