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(Creepy Wedding (13)

Shen Mingxi remained silent…

“Hey, Chuan. Stop kicking him when he’s already down, the guy’s already in a bad mood…” Su Yu was slowly becoming friends with Shen Mingxi again, just like the old days, so he couldn’t bear to watch Shen Mingxi suffer more.

“I’m not being mean, I’m just stating a fact. Bruh, you did the right thing breaking up with Huo Yanyan. Did you know that she has undeniable responsibility for the twins’ incident? Although she didn’t directly cause it, her child still was used. My brother-in-law, President Qin, is rather infuriated. I’m just their uncle and even I will not forgive her. I talked with Ning-Ning privately and she said that her brother seems to be a low profile person who doesn’t care about anything. However, that’s because you didn’t cross his line. If you cross his line, he will never forgive you. If you continued to go out with her, you’ll just be dragged into trouble.”

“We broke up but I don’t want her to end up that bad. After all, she’s a single mother…” Shen Mingxi’s heart was soft.

“Hehe… Does she deserve to be a mother? If she really was a good mother, she would think for her child. When she saw that the twins had been kidnapped, she should have told Huo Mian. She asserts that she’s Mian’s good friend, but what actually happened? People are too superficial. Let me tell you that some people just want to kill themselves. There’s no way you can stop them.”

Shen Mingxi became even more depressed after hearing this and did not say anything else. Instead, he drank with Su Yu and Tang Chuan till 2 AM.

Su Yu didn’t drink too much but rather took care of Shen Mingxi.

Shen Mingxi drank till he threw up. Su Yu had An send him back to the Shen residence.

Shen Mingxi’s mother was extremely worried when she saw her son like that.

When An returned to the club to pick up Su Yu and drive him home, it was already 3 AM. The sky was turning bright.

“President Su, are you hungry?”


“Don’t you normally have a midnight snack during this time?” An asked.

“I don’t feel like it today. I’m dieting now. So what?” Su Yu responded.


“You sure are talkative today,” Su Yu said to An with a chuckle.

“Then can you have a snack with me? I’m famished,” An said.

Su Yu: “…”

“What do you want to eat?”

“Can we eat something simple?” An asked.

“You sure are getting courageous nowadays. Have you spent too much time with me?” Su Yu said with his arms crossed.

“No. I haven’t been eating well after Pudding and Little Bean were captured. I’ve just been slowly recovering.”

“Fine. Those words got me. What do you want to eat?”

“Lobster congee.”

“Damn it. You sure aren’t making this easy. You want me to pay the big bucks eh?” Su Yu chuckled.

“This is just spare change for you, okay?”

“Fine, fine, fine. You’re right. Let’s go eat lobster congee.”

Just like that, Su Yu went with An to a 24-hours seafood restaurant.

When they finished their midnight snack, it was already 5 AM.

It was a Saturday, so there wasn’t that much work.

“Don’t call me tomorrow. I need to sleep,” Su Yu said as he stepped out the car.

“President Su, look over there…” An pointed at the front door of Su Yu’s mansion.

There was a slim girl pacing around. Su Yu squinted to see who it was.

When the girl heard footsteps, she turned around.

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