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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (7)


Seeing the maid stutter, Shen Mingxi became even more curious.

“So it’s not from my mom?”

“Young Master, it’s not from your mother.”

“Then who is it from?”

“It’s from Young Madam… No, I mean… it’s from Miss Wei.”

The Shen Family’s maid was still used to calling Wei Ying “Young Madam”, so there was a slip of the tongue.

“Wei Ying was here?” Shen Mingxi was a little caught off guard.



“An hour ago, maybe. I didn’t see her either. The security guards brought in the congee and asked me to heat it up and give it to you.”

When Shen Mingxi heard this, he became silent.

He looked down at the small bowl filled with rice porridge, which was still steaming.

It wasn’t even 7:30 yet. An hour ago?

So, right at sunrise?

It was important to note that Wei Ying was a full-on lazy worm. She especially liked to sleep in late and rarely got up so early.

“Young Master, maybe you can just have a little bit.”

The maid thought he still hated Wei Ying, so she urged him cautiously.

Shen Mingxi still didn’t speak.

“Young Master, if you don’t mind me saying so… actually, Young Madam… no, Miss Wei… isn’t that awful. She was raised in a wealthy home from a young age, so she is used to having everything handed to her. Some of these other girls have quite a temper despite having good intentions. But you can tell that Miss Wei has always been very good to Young Master. At that time, I remember that the two of you had only been married for a short while, and Miss Wei secretly sneaked into the kitchen to ask what kind of food you liked and if I could teach her how to make it.”

“When did this happen?” Shen Mingxi was a little surprised.

“When the two of you had only been married for two months…”

Shen Mingxi remembered distinctly. It was true, at that time Wei Ying still had the exuberance of a newlywed.

Every day, she bought different gifts for him, from cell phones, computers, tablets, and other electronic products, to clothes, pants, belts, and even underwear.

Now in the closet of the new house, there were several packages of CK underwear that Wei Ying had bought.

But he had never worn them.

Because once you don’t like a person, the focus was not on them, and you’ll be indifferent to everything they did.

When he thought back to this, he had mixed feelings.

“I think I was probably a big jerk at that time,” Shen Mingxi muttered to himself.

“Young Master, if you don’t like it, then I can just throw it out. Your mother will be here soon, and she’ll probably bring you some porridge as well.”

Seeing that Shen Mingxi has not moved, the maid thought he did not like it.

She had picked up the porridge and was about to throw it out when Shen Mingxi stopped her.

“No, don’t throw it out. I’ll eat it.”

Afterward, Shen Mingxi, holding a small spoon while slightly trembling, began to eat the warm rice porridge.

He never thought that one day, he would be able to calmly eat porridge sent by Wei Ying.

Afraid of being reprimanded by her brother, Wei Ying met with a group of her closest friends after she had finished delivering the porridge to Shen Mingxi.

Inside a friend’s cafe –

A few women were gathered together. Wei Ying wore the same white suit she wore in the morning, with a black baseball cap, revealing a delicate side profile.

“Ying-Ying, I just don’t get it. What is so great about Shen Mingxi that you would risk your life to save him?”

“I didn’t risk my life, it’s all rumors, purely rumors.” Wei Ying laughed as she drank her coffee.

“What do you mean ‘rumors’? Don’t lie to me. My boyfriend told me that he was also in the hospital that day and saw you there…”

“All I did was give a little bit of blood…” Wei Ying argued.

“Girl, 400 cc is enough to almost take your life, is that just ‘a little bit’?” another girlfriend said as she rolled her eyes.

“It’s fine, nothing at all really. If you guys ever need me to, I can donate blood at any time, haha…” Wei Ying laughed it off like it was no big deal.

“Don’t bullshit us, tell the truth. Do you still love that prick?” A girl who hadn’t spoken yet looked at Wei Ying seriously.



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