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(Creepy Wedding (2)

“That’s impossible. Don’t waste your time.”

“Are you really going to be that heartless to me?”

“There was no feelings nor love between us. The only time I owed you was when you saved my daughters, but I have repaid that debt. Don’t forget who helped you get your daughter back from Huo Siqian.”

“I know that, but I mean, we’re both from the Huo Family…”

“It’s no use saying we’re family…” Huo Mian scoffed as Huo Yanyan tried to persuade her.

“Mian, don’t push me…”

“Oh, sounds like you have some ultimate card up your sleeves…” Huo Mian glared at Huo Yanyan.

“Mian, you should know that I don’t want to do anything to hurt you…”

“What? So Shen Mingxi refused to help and now you have no one else to beg but me?” Huo Mian could tell that Huo Yanyan had no other option.

Huo Mian had clearly stated her opinion last time. A person with some dignity would never come to beg her again.

“Mian, did you watch that video clip just now?” Huo Yanyan changed the tone in her voice.

“Yeah, so?”

“I have two other parts of this video. They’re both about you and Wei Dong…”

“Bullsh*t. There’s nothing between me and Wei Dong.”

“Will Qin Chu believe you?” Huo Yanyan chuckled.

“What do you mean? Are you trying to threaten me?” Huo Mian stopped smiling and looked calmly at Huo Yanyan.

“I don’t know what’s going on between you and Wei Dong but with these three videos, anyone would think that you have done quite a lot with him in private. Mian, I don’t want to ask you about your private life but I’m left with no choice. Qin Chu and Su Yu want my mother to die. They both love you dearly and if you tell them to die, they will happily go to hell for you. I’m not as lucky as you. Shen Mingxi would not do that for me. He would never challenge power and authority for me so I’m left with this… If Qin Chu saw these clips, the situation will take a very interesting turn.”

“So?” Huo Mian continued to question Huo Yanyan.

“So why don’t you help me? I didn’t ask you to let my mom go. I’m just hoping you can ask the judge for a reduced sentence so that she will only need to be in jail for five years. Then I’ll send her abroad. Isn’t this a good ending for both you and me? She’ll get her punishment and keep her life.”

“Yeah, that really is a good idea,” Huo Mian looked down and pondered.

“So you agree?” Huo Yanyan became slightly excited when she heard Huo Mian say this because she thought Huo Mian agreed to help.

“But your mom’s done too much evil. How is a five-year sentence enough? I think she needs to be imprisoned for life.”

“You…” Huo Yanyan’s face turned when she heard Huo Mian’s words.

“I thought you were the smartest of the three but now I realized your emotional intelligence isn’t that great… Hehe, if I were you, I would spend my days peacefully and quietly with Shen Mingxi. You can have more children or whatever you want rather than do such stupid things…” Huo Mian warned.

“That’s because it isn’t your mother in such a situation. That’s why you can be so mean…” Huo Yanyan shouted angrily.

“No. If my mother did such immoral things, I would not forgive her either. Everyone in this world should be responsible for their own deeds.”

“You sure sound dignified. Hehe, I really don’t like how pretentious you are,” Huo Yanyan criticized.

“Did you know that if you didn’t come to find me today, I’ll just get the judge to sentence her to jail for life so that she can repent her sins in prison. I’ve changed my mind now though,” Huo Mian said.

“What are you up to?” Huo Yanyan had a bad feeling about this as she did not know what Huo Mian was really thinking about.

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