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(And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed (3)

“Mian, you look surprised.”

Seeing Huo Mian’s reaction, Mrs. Su said with a smile.

“Ahem… Mama Su… Dating show? Isn’t that a bit desperate?”

“I’m at the end of my wits. Imperial Star has lots of actresses, but Yu doesn’t spare them a glance. He finds faults in every girl I arrange for him to date… He’s not young anymore. You’re younger than Yu but already have two kids. If I continue to allow him to run free, I’m afraid his father and I will never have a grandson in our lifetime.”

“Mama Su, the dating show… Isn’t it a bit too much?”

“It’s fine. I’m close to the head of the TV station. They happen to be doing a high-end dating show featuring single elite men and women from all walks of life; there will be 12 people in six groups. They will play games and do a summer camp. During the process, it’s easy to fall in love. It’s much better than traditional arranged dating, which is stiff and uncomfortable. Our Yu is a celebrity, and I checked the list of the women guests of the show and found they are either returnees after getting high education overseas, scientists or even militants. They are all outstanding women.”

“Um… Will Su Yu agree to it?”

“That’s why I came to see you.”

“Um, you want me to persuade him to do it? But I’m afraid he won’t listen to me.” Huo Mian always thought it was immoral to force Su Yu to do something he didn’t like.

“You don’t have to persuade him. When the time is right, you can bring it up casually and see how he reacts to this idea.”

“I don’t think he will agree to it.” Huo Mian knew Su Yu. He was arrogant and wouldn’t participate in such reality shows even though it was quite in lately.

He didn’t need money or fame and was quite busy with his own company. How could he have the time to play games with those women participants?

“Please have a try. It’s better than doing nothing.”

“Okay. When I see him, I’ll bring it up.” Huo Mian found it very difficult to decline Mrs. Su’s request.

“I knew you’d help me. Thank you, Mian.”

“Mama Su, then what’s the name of the show? When is it going to shoot?”

“It seems to be called To Be With You. The TV station told me that it will begin shooting when the final participants are decided. They will shoot it locally in places like hot springs or resorts; they will go camping in the mountain and try local delicacies. It’s a good show and even I’m intrigued by it. It’s said one of the women participants is an Olympic gymnastic champion. Oh yeah, that young girl is very pretty and has a fine figure and an open personality. I wish Yu could be paired with her.”

“Ahem… We have to persuade Su Yu to attend it first.”

Huo Mian thought Mrs. Su’s idea was a bit far-fetched.

Her thoughts had wandered even to a gymnastic sportswoman…

“Okay. It’s settled then. Keep me informed.”

“I’ll do my best, Mama Su.” Huo Mian nodded with a smile.

After Mrs. Su left, Huo Mian inhaled deeply…

She’d take her time with Su Yu about this dating show thing, otherwise, the great Mr. Su would trash her mercilessly.

– It was eight in the evening –

Zhang Manlin attended a business dinner party with an invitation card the company gave to her.

She had thought it was an important event and showed Qin Chu’s good opinion of her. So, she took care to dress and wore a peacock blue boat neck strapless evening dress to show off her sexy collar bones.

But when she arrived, she found Qin Chu wasn’t there at all, and only a few executives of the company were present.

During the dinner, she got up and went to the washing room. Coming out of the stall, she was washing her hands when someone covered her mouth, grabbed her hair, and dragged her to the side.



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