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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (7)

“What happened?” Huo Yanyan asked anxiously.

“The prisoner transport vehicle collided with a minivan. Now all the injured passengers were sent to the hospital. We don’t know how serious the casualties are.”

“What?” Huo Yanyan bolted up immediately.

“Which hospital?”

“They were closest to South Side, so they were all delivered there…”

Without another word, Huo Yanyan grabbed her bag and rushed out; she drove directly to South Side.

Despite its name, the South Side Rehabilitation Center did lots of emergencies and difficult surgeries.

Huo Mian was famous for her high standard of surgical techniques, so many patients came to this hospital for surgeries.

Even some rich people and high-level government officials from other provinces would come here for treatment and recuperation.

Hearing her mother was hit in an accident and had been sent to the South Side Rehabilitation Center, Huo Yanyan was nearly in hysterics.

– At South Side –

Ten minutes ago, Huo Mian received the notice from the hospital that some people injured in a car crash had been delivered here.

The patient with the most severe wounds must receive surgery right now.

She rushed out of her office and found the crash victim was Shen Jiani.

“Deputy Director, what do we do?”

“We need the patient’s family member to sign the informed consent, then we begin the surgery immediately,” said Huo Mian.

“It’s said she’s a prisoner. Let’s not save her… Probably we can’t save her anyway,” one of the doctors said casually.

Huo Mian glanced at the doctor coldly. “You’re a doctor; how can you say something like this?’

“Deputy Director, I…”

“Save it. Listen up! Get prepared and we start the operation in ten minutes. You guys help the patient stop bleeding and perform oxygen therapy.”

Huo Mian took off her white coat to enter the surgery room and change into scrubs.

“Huo Mian…”

Suddenly, an ear-grating yell came.

Huo Mian turned her head and saw Huo Yanyan, who had finally found her way here by asking around.

“You’re just in time. Hurry up and sign the informed consent so we can operate on your Mom,” Huo Mian urged her impatiently.

“Are you doing the operation?” Huo Yanyan stared at Huo Mian in hostility.

“Yes, I am.” Huo Mian nodded.

She had checked Shen Jiani and found the latter had internal bleeding in her head. Her condition was critical and needed a neurosurgeon with steady hands and precise movements.

But it was still early in the morning and the other good neurosurgeons hadn’t come to work yet.

It would take them at least thirty minutes to get here, and by then, it would be too late.

So, Huo Mian had decided to do the operation. For her, all the patients were the same. Even though Shen Jiani was her enemy, she would do her best to save her.

When Shen Jiani recovered, she would receive her judgment in court. Yes, Huo Mian was just stubborn about her profession.

If Mr. Qin knew she was about to do operation on Shen Jiani, he would be furious…

“Do you think I’d allow you to take this opportunity to kill my mom?” Huo Yanyan smiled coldly.

“Huo Yanyan, what do you mean?” Huo Mian frowned slightly when she heard the accusation in Huo Yanyan’s words.

“You don’t understand? The case was about to be heard today, but you used despicable tricks to get Wang Jialai arrested, so I was left without a lawyer. Then you created a car crash to kill my mom. Seeing she didn’t die, they delivered her to the South Side so you can finish her in the operation room. Correct?” Huo Yanyan said the words in a vicious tone.

“Well, well. So this is what you think was going on…” Huo Mian smiled coldly.

“Isn’t it the truth? Your husband and you are so despicable that you devised a chain of schemes. But aren’t you afraid you’d ruin your chance of happiness in your next life?”

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