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(Creepy Wedding (9)

“Ms. Huo, you have mistaken. It is because your friend recommended you here that I’m only charging you one million yuan. If it were someone else, I would be charging at least three million yuan,” he said as he raised three fingers and waved them in the air…

“Mr. Wang, don’t try taking advantage of me because you think I don’t know anything, okay? I’ve asked around and the highest you’ve charged is less than 400,000 yuan. How can you charge me one million? Are you blackmailing me?” Huo Yanyan said angrily.

“Ms. Huo, you can’t put it like that. It saddens me to hear that. Why don’t you put it this way: who else will take your mother’s case?”

“I…” Huo Yanyan suddenly did not know how to respond.

Just as this old man said, no other lawyers would take on this case. Huo Yanyan had contacted many famous lawyers but they all rejected her because they were afraid of getting on the bad side of Su Yu and Qin Chu…

“So? You have nothing else to say, right? Let me put it out there too. You know much better than I do who we’re facing. My fellow lawyers have not agreed to take on your case because they are afraid that their future career prospects will become grim if they offend your opponents… I kind of pity you. You’re just a girl running around town trying to help your mother. I’m willing to help you but you’re detesting me for charging too much. Hehe, if that’s the case, then please leave. There isn’t much more for us to talk about…” the old man said. Then he walked back to his desk and lost his enthusiastic attitude towards Huo Yanyan.

Huo Yanyan thought about what he had just said and she realized that he was the only lawyer willing to take on this case. After some thought, Huo Yanyan decided to pay for his service.

“Wait, Mr. Wang. You said one million yuan right? I’ll pay but I want to ask you one other question. If you lose, do I still need to pay this amount?”

“Of course… Don’t forget that me taking on this case for you and your mother is going against the Su and Qin families. I can’t just make such powerful enemies for nothing, right? That’s why you need to decide whether or not you want to gamble on this.”

“Okay, I agree to pay that one million as long as you defend my mother.”

Huo Yanyan gave it her all since no one other than this lawyer would be willing to help her. No matter what the results were, she had to give this a try.

“Haha, that’s decided then. Oh, I have one additional request,” the old man said and then approached Huo Yanyan.

“What request…?” Huo Yanyan sensed what he wanted from the look in the old man’s eyes.

Just as she expected, the old man touched her thighs. He was rather aggressive in his movements.

“What are you doing?” Huo Yanyan yelled as she jumped back and glared at him.

“Ms. Huo, I have a small fondness for beautiful women… If you sleep with me for a night, then I will charge you 100,000 less.”

“You wish… F*ck off you psycho,” Huo Yanyan yelled and pushed the old man away. Then she dashed out of the room.

“Sir, why did she leave?” the male assistant asked with a confused look.

“Hehe, just wait and see. She’ll be back and agree to my terms…” the old man said confidently.

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