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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (5)

“No.” Shen Mingxi was determined to not get involved in it.

“Very good. You did the right thing…” Tang Chuan was satisfied.

– On the early morning of the next day –

After dressing up, Huo Yanyan was about to go to the court with Lawyer Wang to defend her mother.

But the moment they opened the door, they saw two police cars drive over.

They were confused…

“Are you Wang Jialai?” the first police officer asked.


“Are you the person in charge of the Mingzhuang Law Firm?”

“Yes, I am. What can I do for you, officer?” Lawyer Wang looked puzzled.

“We received a report that accuses you of sexually assaulting an under-age girl. You must go with us for further investigation. This is the arrest warrant.”

“What? Are you sure you aren’t getting the wrong guy?” The bald lawyer’s expression changed drastically in fear.

“You know very well if you did it or not… Three months ago, you pretended to help Sun Xiaomin, a drop-out girl, with a civil lawsuit as a lawyer and took the opportunity to sexually assault her. She’s under 18 years old. After receiving the report from the victim, we did a thorough investigation and found enough evidence to arrest you.”

“Officer, you can’t listen to the one-sided report from that damned girl… I didn’t do it. She tried to blackmail me and failed, so she retaliated by making up this story. Besides, she showed me her ID and I saw she was 20 years old. I didn’t know she was underage. It’s not my fault.” The lecherous old goat tried to find excuses for himself.

“Lawyer Wang, calm down. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you without evidence. You need to go with us for questioning. If you didn’t do it, we’ll clear your name. You must come with us to the police station and talk to our colleagues who will question you and write down your words. It’s useless talking to me. Our job is to take you to the police station.”

“Take him away.”

At the officer’s order, two subordinates immediately walked up and took Wang Jialai away.

“Hey! What are you doing? I have an important case to present in court. Can’t you take me after that?”

Complaining, the lecherous old goat was taken away by the police officers…

Watching this, Huo Yanyan felt dejected…

She clenched her fists, knowing the whole thing must have been arranged by Qin Chu or Su Yu.

Otherwise, the lawyer wouldn’t have been arrested on his way to the court at this kind of critical moment.

They didn’t even give her time to come up with plan B.

She had risked everything and slept with the lecherous old goat several times to persuade him to go to court. But at the final moment, he was arrested.

“Fack!! I’m furious…”

She took out her cellphone and called her fair-weather friends for help.

“Yanyan, I asked around for you. No one dares to take your mom’s case… It’s said that someone even warned people to stay away from your mom’s case or they will face severe consequences… You can’t blame these people for looking out for themselves. But I think you can try to defend your mom yourself. After all, you’re familiar with the documents and understand the key points. If nothing else works, you can try defending your mom by yourself and see if you can get a lighter penalty for her. If you try and succeed, your great efforts and the time that you have put in the case won’t go to waste.”

“Can I defend her?” Huo Yanyan was confused.

“Why not? The problem right now is that no one wants to help you. Give it a try; this is your last resort,” someone suggested.


Resigned, Huo Yanyan drove to the court all by herself.

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