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(Going Further Down the Path of Self Destruction (4)

“Hmm, both are good. I don’t really mind either way.”


“They’ll be our child, I’ll love them no matter what gender they are.” Qin Chu happily thought about the new member of their big happy family.

“I thought that you would want a boy since we already have two daughters.”

“I’ll let fate decide, I don’t want to force anything. A boy would be good, but I’ll love a girl the same.”

Qin Chu didn’t care because he wasn’t sexist nor close-minded.

Also, his twin daughters have already brought him a lot of happiness…

It was said that daughters were their father’s mistresses from another life. Fathers really spoil their daughters more than anyone.

“Okay, our Mr. Qin is always so chill.”

“What about you? Would you like a boy or a girl?”

“Boy,” Huo Mian answered right away.

“Why?” Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with a hint of surprise.

“Because twenty years from now, I would feel so accomplished if a handsome, six feet tall boy stands next to me… When I go shopping with the girls, he can carry all our stuff, haha.”

“You don’t want a boy, you want a laborer,” Qin Chu laughed.

“Boys are more responsible… Although he will be the youngest, he’ll be able to protect his mother and sisters. He can also play football with his father.”

“That does sound good.” Qin Chu hugged Huo Mian and happily thought.

“Right, I saw Wei Dong and the others tonight.”

Then, she told Qin Chu the brief details.

“Don’t bother with those people from now on, they’re not genuine people…”

“Eh? Is someone jealous because I helped Wei Dong?”

“Him? He’s not qualified for me to be jealous of. There’s no one else in this world except Su Yu who can make me jealous.”

Mr. Qin was being honest.

“You sound like you have great connection with Su Yu.” Huo Mian couldn’t help but laugh.

“Su Yu is a very good opponent and a very good friend,” Qin Chu said.

“That’s true, Su Yu is a just person… Other than his fiery temper, and possessive and impulsive nature, he doesn’t have any other problems,” Huo Mian commented.

– At that moment, inside Su Yu’s private mansion –

“Achoo, achoo…”

He sneezed twice in a row…

“Who’s thinking about me this late at night?” Su Yu was watching soccer with a beer in hand.

“Nie Lingxuan,” Tang Chuan gossiped.

“Go away.”

“I’m being serious, you don’t have a girl anyways. Rather than taking care of it using your right hand, find a clean girl to be with. That’s better.”

“Is your brain infested by sperm cells or something? You’re always thinking about stuff like that. She’s my employee, and she’s a good and hardworking person. I don’t want to bring trouble to her.”

“What trouble? Maybe that’ll be the beginning of a love story. Don’t you know, most people get married before they fall in love… In my opinion, I think you should get married to her right now,” Tang Chuan said.

“Your ideas are so bad that even dogs look down on them.” Su Yu gave Tang Chuan a disgusted look.

“I’m being serious. Maybe she’ll give you a son, then you’ll be happy.”

“I don’t need one, thank you. If you really want one, get one with Qin Ning, I am not in a hurry,” Su Yu said.

“Right, everyone is saying that Huo Yanyan is looking for a lawyer to defend her mother. What do you plan to do about it?” Tang Chuan switched the topic.

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