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(The Trap Behind the Wedding (1)

“Mom, it’s not our Shen Family that did her wrong; it was me who did her wrong.”

“Son, Ying indeed has a hot temper and is reckless and impulsive… But at the end of the day, she’s not a bad girl and was nice to your dad and me when you were married; she would buy anything for you…. This time, she even…”

“Mow, how is she now?”

“She was resting in the next ward…”

“Really? Help me up. I want to see her.” Hearing Wei Ying was in the next room, Shen Mingxi wanted to get up immediately.

After all, he felt guilty after he heard it was Wei Ying who had saved him.

“But her elder brother took her away.”

“Her elder brother? Wei Liao was here?” Shen Mingxi froze.

“Yeah. Wei Liao is still angry with us and the encounter wasn’t pleasant. He carried Ying home before Ying woke up. I was embarrassed.”

“I understand; I understand. Mom, I’m sorry to have caused so much trouble for you and Dad.”

“Don’t say that. If not for that woman Huo Yanyan…”

“Yanyan… didn’t come, right?” When Shen Mingxi asked who had come and seen him, he had wanted to know if Huo Yanyan had visited him.

“You still think of her? The only person that woman cares about is her mother; you’re nothing to her. Son, wake up!”

“I know.”

“She didn’t come nor did she even call.”

Then she picked up her son’s cellphone and handed it to Shen Mingxi.

Shen Mingxi didn’t check the phone because he believed his mother…

“Mingxi, you’ve always been our pride. Born in a rich family, you never went whoring or gambling and never did drugs. Your friends are all fine kids… After you went to school, you were an excellent student with good grades and even got part-time jobs and won grants when you studied overseas. I thought your life would continue smoothly just like that, but…” Mrs. Shen sighed slightly.

Shen Mingxi put his hand on his mother’s wrinkled hand and comforted her, “Mom, no one can spend their life without any bumps on the road. It’s in fact a good thing to encounter some difficulties. I wasn’t rebellious when I was young but have made you and dad worry about me after I became a man. But still, it’s not too late to correct my mistakes. I hope I won’t hurt you ever again.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re our son and our pride forever…”

“Mom… Look, your eyes are red. I’m fine now that I woke up, and there are nursing workers here to take care of me… You must go home and rest.”

“No. I want to stay here with you.” Mrs. Shen insisted to stay.

“Mom, you have high blood pressure. If you stay here, I can’t sleep well; both you and I can’t have proper rest…”

“Well… Okay. I’ll go home. Go to sleep now.”

Hearing his words, Mrs. Shen finally gave in and left the hospital with the chauffeur and the caretaker.

She left an experienced maid to take care of Shen Mingxi.

“Young Master, are you hungry? I can cook you some porridge. The doctor said you can only eat liquid food for the first few days…”

“It’s okay, Auntie Wu, I’m not hungry. I just want to lie down for a bit.”

In fact, Shen Mingxi had complicated feelings inside.

He thought of his car crash, Huo Yanyan, and Wei Ying; the past events flashed across his mind one by one.

Mrs. Shen was walking out of the hospital building when she bumped into Huo Yanyan.

“What are you doing here?” Mrs. Shen demanded in a fierce voice.



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