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(When You Love the Wrong Person, Remember to Let Go (6)

As parents of the twins, Qin Chu and Huo Mian were the plaintiffs’ relatives and wouldn’t appear in the court, which the media had reported long ago.

When Huo Yanyan appeared at the entrance of the courtroom all by herself, she was immediately surrounded by a large group of reporters.

“Ms. Huo, we heard you’ve done a lot for today’s case. Is it true?”

“Ms. Huo, do you think you’ll win in the court? What’s the best result you’re hoping for?”

“It’s said that no lawyer in the city dares to take this case, but Lawyer Wang Jialai took it. Where’s he?”

“The rumor says that you’ve broken up with the president of the Shen Corporation, is it true? When you stepped into President Shen’s previous marriage as the other woman, did you expect you’d end up like this?”

“It’s said your relationship with Deputy Director Huo is strained. This time, will you disregard your relationship with your sister? After all, you are half-sisters sharing a father.”

“Has your eldest brother Huo Siqian helped you with this case?”

“If your mother loses this case today, will you appeal against the ruling?”

“Did you and President Shen break up because of this case or a third party? Can you tell us?”

“It’s said only you’d attend this hearing, and President Qin and Deputy Director Huo won’t show up. Did you meet them in private already?”

“The rumors say that you paid Lawyer Wang one million and even slept with him to get him to represent your mom. Is it true?”

“Last night, someone took pictures of you staying the night in Lawyer Wang’s home. Was it a one-night stand or a love affair? After all, Lawyer Wang’s ex-wife has been dead for years.”

Most of the reporters were people who loved adding insult to injury and they asked all kinds of sharp questions.

Listening to their questions, Huo Yanyan’s face turned livid and then pale…

If she had come with Wang Jialai, she might have had the mood to handle the reporters.

But now, she wasn’t in the mood to talk to them.

“Sorry, everyone. This is my family business and I can’t tell you anything about it. Please pay more attention to the social issues which have a greater impact on people, such as charity and problems in medical care. This is the private business of an ordinary person, so please leave me alone. Now, I must enter the courtroom and can’t talk to you. Excuse me.”

Wearing coffee-colored sunglasses, Huo Yanyan lowered her head and turned away the reporters with a few words.

She didn’t want to say one word about her break-up with Shen Mingxi, her sexual relationship with Wang Jialai, the private settlement with Huo Mian, or today’s case. God knew how lousy she felt today.

Squeezing through the crowd, Huo Yanyan walked into the court with her head lowered.

It was about 8:30 AM.

All the staff in the court were there waiting for the delivery of the defendant by the police.

Since she returned, Huo Yanyan only saw her mother once before she was told that she wasn’t allowed to visit her mother again.

She missed her mom and wondered what her mom, a woman who loved to look pretty, would look like now.

Would she look one dozen years older with white hair?

Huo Yanyan was in fact very immature. Due to her Mom’s aggressive personality, she and her younger brother had always listened to their mother.

Because of that, she still couldn’t understand and handle things by herself.

Generally, she couldn’t accomplish any big issues. She chased after Shen Mingxi because she had had a crush on him when she was young and truly liked him.

Twenty minutes passed. Huo Yanyan checked her watch from time to time.

“How come she’s late…” She was impatient.

At this moment, an employee of the court rushed in. “Bad news! Something happened to the prisoner transport vehicle.”

Hearing those words, Huo Yanyan’s heart immediately sank.

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