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(Creepy Wedding (14)

“President Su, you’re home,” Nie Lingxuan said with a sweet smile.

“Uh… why are you here?”

“I had an interview last night that was by your place. I heard people at work say you haven’t been resting well. I thought that you must be exhausted from work so I made some bone soup for you. It’s my mom’s secret recipe. It’s really good.”

“I already had a midnight snack,” Su Yu said frankly.

“Oh, okay. Then you can put it in the fridge and microwave it when you want. It won’t go bad.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Su Yu didn’t make it too awkward for Nie Lingxuan since she was still the most popular star at his company right now.

“You’re welcome. As your employee, I am obligated to care about our president. You’re overworked because of us. A lot has been going on at work and you haven’t had any good rest. We feel bad, so I’m representing everyone to see you. I really didn’t mean anything else.”

Nie Lingxuan knew where she stood so she wouldn’t confess her love for him or do anything that would put Su Yu in a difficult position.

“Uh, okay. I understand. It’s late now. I’ll have An send you home.”

“Me again…” An was very sleepy now so he was unwilling to take on the task even though President Su made him do it.

“It’s okay. My driver is waiting for me over there. I just wanted to give you the soup. Please remember to drink it.”

“Okay.” Su Yu nodded like a robot.

“Okay. I’m going to leave now. Please take care, President Su.”

“Okay.” Su Yu felt very awkward in such a situation.

After Nie Lingxuan left, Su Yu turned around and said to An, “Why are you still here? Are you going to stay over?”

“No. I’m just waiting to see if you have another task for me. After all, there are many female stars that knock on your door late at night.”

“Haha, are you picking a fight? Get the f*ck out of here and go home.” Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh.

This was an old inside joke. Back then, when Imperial Star Entertainment had beauty pageant contests to try to create some new stars, many girls from art colleges wanted to take the shortcut to get famous.

From god-knows-where, they figured out where Su Yu lived and persistently came to find him.

Some wore extremely flirtatious clothes while others had thousands of cash in their bags.

The funniest one had two baskets of eggs.

The strangest one ran out to stop Su Yu’s car. She was hit and almost died. Fortunately, they had sent her to the hospital in a timely manner and she was only lightly wounded. In the end, Su Yu disqualified her.

All these young girls risked everything to be famous…

Su Yu thought for a while and tried to recall what kind of girl Huo Mian was…

He pictured her when she was a teenager and when she was in her early 20s…

She didn’t stand out in the crowd but would give him a strange and complicated feeling, as if he had met her before.

Su Yu even thought that they had been husband and wife in their past life but he let her down.

That was why she came to take revenge in this life and try to torture him.

Su Yu sighed and put the bone soup in the fridge.

He then took out his phone and swiped through his WeChat moments.

Huo Mian posted a bowl of beef noodles with lots of cilantro on top.

Even through the screen, Su Yu thought he could smell the food.

Then, he stupidly commented on her post…

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