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(How Bitter Do People Like You Feel Inside (10)

20 minutes later, a post began rapidly spreading around social media, with tons of people reposting and sharing.

Urgent news: Mr. Shen got into a car accident by the intersection at Sanjiang Road. He’s now in the ER of the First Hospital. There is an urgent need for Rh-negative panda blood to save him. Someone please come and save him! Please spread the news and the Shen Family will reward anyone who is willing to donate panda blood heavily. (TL Note: Rh-negative blood is very rare so it’s nicknamed Panda blood).

Tang Chuan was at Su Yu’s mansion when he saw this, since the two were competing with each other in swimming. The two were in dark blue swim pants, showing off their muscles.

After getting out the water, the two lied down on the poolside benches for a break. They were drinking ice cool beer and were having a great time.

Tang Chuan was a phone addict so when he had time, he would scroll through the news or his WeChat moments.

“Fuck! Big trouble.”

“What happened? Why are you overreacting?” Su Yu was tired from swimming. He closed his eyes and didn’t bother to chat that much.

“Shen Mingxi got into a car accident.”

“What did you just say?” Su Yu sat up and opened his eyes widely.

“Yeah. Xiaowei and the others are reposting. Such big news can’t be fake. Wait a sec, I’ll ask,” Tang Chuan said. Then he immediately called a friend to see whether the news was real.

After a few moments on the call, Tang Chuan’s face grew serious.

“It’s real. He got into an accident.”

“Where is he?”

“At the First Hospital in surgery right now. Apparently, he was hit on Sanjiang Road. He’s in serious condition now and we’re not sure if he’s going to make it. The problem is that he needs Rh-negative panda blood. This is a very rare blood type. There are not many people that have it. What should we do? The First Hospital’s blood supply doesn’t have enough for him so he might be in life danger. No, I need to repost too.”

Tang Chuan quickly copied the post and reposted it on his timeline.

Su Yu, on the other hand, immediately called Huo Mian.


“What’s up, President Su?” Huo Mian was at home watching cartoons with the twins so she didn’t know the news.

“Does South Side have panda blood?”

“Panda blood?” Huo Mian asked in surprise.

“Yeah, that HK negative blood.” Su Yu wasn’t sure himself.

“You mean Rh-negative?” Huo Mian corrected.

“Yeah, that. Does South Side have Rh-negative blood then?”

“What do you want it for?” Huo Mian asked curiously as she ate an orange.

“Shen Mingxi got into a car accident and he’s in emergency surgery at First Hospital right now. He needs this blood type.”

“What? Shen Mingxi got into an accident?” Huo Mian was now shocked.


“Shoot. South Side doesn’t have any either. We had some but there was a girl who had a congenital heart disease who did surgery a few days ago and we used it all in that surgery… Usually, hospitals don’t have that blood type. All the hospitals in the country don’t store this blood type… Usually, we need to depend on donations, so the only thing we can do is to contact the media and have people donate.”

“Okay, I understand.”

After hanging up, Su Yu immediately ran towards his home.

“Where are you going, Yu?”

“To the hospital.”

“We’re both not panda blood. What’s the need to rush over?” Tang Chuan furrowed.

“We still need to go. It’s better than just sitting here.”

Then, Su Yu drove his black Lamborghini to First Hospital.

Outside the emergency room, there were Shen Mingxi’s family and friends.

The small hallway barely fit the tens of people there.

“Mr. Su is here…” someone shouted in the crowd and everyone looked over.

“President Su, are you panda blood?” one of Shen Mingxi’s family members asked. Shen Mingxi’s family thought Su Yu came to donate blood so he rushed over and grabbed Su Yu by the arm.



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